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How to Install New Input Control Board On Your EZGO Powerwise Charger

How to Install New Input Control Board On Your EZGO Powerwise Charger

This Blog article is to help ease the installation of your new Ezgo Powerwise charger control circuit board. We are talking specifically about the 28667G01 Ezgo OEM Powerwise input control board. designed specifically for the Ezgo Golf Cart Powerwise Battery Charger shown below. Manufacturers part numbers 28732G01, 28732G02 and 28115G01 – G11. These chargers where found on all Ezgo vehicles from 1994 to current that operate with a 36 volt battery system and utilize the TxT 2 pin connector. Also known as the D36 or Powerwise plug.
Ezgo Powerwise Charger Image
Ezgo 36 Volt Powerwise Golf Cart Battery Charger
This is going to be a fairly straight forward installation and you will only need a few basic tools.Tools required:
  • Pliers
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Screw Driver
  • Heat shrink or Electrical Tape
Ezgo Powerwise Charger Illustration Exploded ViewINSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS :1. Remove the AC plug from the electrical outlet and the DC plug from the vehicle receptacle. 2. Open the Charger Cover (1) by removing screws (2). Retain for installation later. 3. Make a note of the location and color of each wire before disconnecting the wires from the Input Board-Power Control; be sure to connect the wires to the new Input Board-Power Control in the same location that they were removed from. 4. Remove the Input Board-Power Control (3) by removing the spacer supports (4). Discard the old Input Board-Power Control (3) and retain the spacer supports (4) for installatin of new Input Board-Power Control (3). 5. Installation is in the reverse order of removal. IF THIS WAS A HELPFUL HOW TO BLOG POST PLEASE LET US KNOW. COMMENT BELOW AND LET US KNOW ABOUT YOUR SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION. Need a new 28667G01 Ezgo Powerwise Input Circuit Control Board in your Golf cart Battery Charger.  


We get customers all the time that ask us the tough question. Should I repair my Ezgo Powerwise Charger or just replace it? This is something that Pete usually says… “If it is an electrical component and you are not an electrician or seasoned tinkerer just replace it.” When it comes to spending time and money on something that you find yourself just standing there afterword with your fingers crossed hoping it will work – it is best to just replace the charger. Now this comes with a few other caveats because when customers call over the phone and try to explain the problem it has numerous possible causes being the charger needs to rely on the golf carts charging system to be operational as well in order to turn on. Several factors on the golf cart itself can cause the charger not to work or kick on.So if you want to take a stab at fixing or at least diagnosing the problem read on…. The biggest one is a completely dead cart. If the batteries in your golf cart are so dead the cart will not run and drive as intended you will need to charge each battery individually with like an automotive charger with clamps to revive before your Ezgo Powerwise charger will kick on if it is operational. Now you can also have a bad connection, a blown fuse or a wire in the charge circuit that is not completing the circuit. The easiest way to determine these few things is to get a voltage meter and check a few basic connections and the overall voltage of the golf carts battery bank. When you have six new 6 volt batteries combined in a circuit you will have approx. 38-39 volts. If the cart is not running and driving the voltage is most likely well below 30 volts and possibly why the charger will not turn on. With your handy volt meter you can check this and tick off the box. Yes or No?Next step would be to determine if the charge circuit is still complete? Take the positive and negative pins from the volt meter and insert in the cart side powerwise charge receptacle. You should have the exact same voltage you have at the positive and negative most terminals on the battery bank. Example – If the cart has 37.8 volts at the batteries, then you should have 37.7 – 37.8 volts at the charger receptacle. Yes or No?  If yes then the charge circuit is complete and the problem could very well be your Ezgo PowerWise Charger. Now if you don’t get the same voltage you will need to back track the circuit from the charger receptacle to the batteries. Double check all the wires going back to the batteries… work your way backwards with the volt meter until you can narrow down the fault. Golf Carts are fairly easy to work on so it should be obvious enough once you can narrow it down a bit and start looking around and chasing wires. Could be as simple as an in-line fuse.Now if all checks out:
  • Running and driving golf cart
  • Advertised operating voltage. (In this case 36v or greater)
  • 36 volts +  at the battery terminals
  • 36 volts + at the charger receptacle
EZGO POWERWISE CHARGER REPAIR OR REPLACEMENTTime to check the charger further. If possible see if someone has another 36 volt Ezgo golf cart  in your neighborhood with the same TxT 2 pin connector. Plug in to see if your Ezgo Powerwise charger works on their golf cart. If not then you can just get out the tools and start taking it apart or plan to replace it. Usually with these older style transformer based golf cart battery chargers we find they are corroded due to extended periods of time left out in the elements. Some other issues occur when a lighting strike takes place and it can cause a Power Surge that will burn something up quite fast. Usually a fuse will pop first if you have a fusable link in the charger circuit but most chargers do not as is the case with your Ezgo powerwise charger. Pete recommends using a power strip with a breaker built in to plug your charger into to avoid this common issue in South Florida. The power  surge will just pop the breaker on the power strip but save you about $500 – $1000 dollars depending on what kind of cart you own. So next in line is the most common internal part to fail over time is the Ezgo Powerwise Charger Circuit Control Board OEM Part#28667G01 If all other possible issues have been checked and are ok this is usually the problem. It is a fairly simple thing to replace with basic tools like pliers and screw drivers. Should you purchase one and want to learn how to install one here is a how to article that covers the installation Though there are a few other internal components that can cause malfunction or charger not to work. Things like the transformer itself – or relays. Sometimes it is a relay which is easily checked but transformers rarely go out unless the charger got really wet and just shorted out or got corroded over time. Repairing anything is a process your golf cart battery charger is no different.Usually this is where I ask myself should I bother to try to fix it or just buy a new one? If I use it often and need reliability I would just buy a new Ezgo Powerwise Charger so I don’t  get stuck or worry about if my charger is charging my batteries over night so I can play a round in the morning or not. Or burning up my batteries because it just doesn’t ever seem to shut off. I got plenty of other things in life to worry about. If I can just buy new from guys like Pete I will. Pete not only has great everyday low prices he also has a great Free Shipping Policy – All Orders Over $99 Ship Free! Pete only offers global brands you already know and trust. He just does it For LESS!  He actually stocks ALL the major manufacturers of golf cart battery chargers like DPI, Delta Q, Lester Electrical, Pro Charging Systems, and Quick Charge. So if you are looking to just replace your Ezgo golf cart battery charger follow this thread or continue reading about your golf cart charger and learn about other things you should know  
EZGO Golf Cart Speaker Pods FAQ

Ezgo Golf Cart Speaker Pods FAQ

BatteryPete is known the world over for helping you power you passion. Whether it be racing a car, boat or motorcycle in a competitive format. Or if you are just the average Joe looking to get the best bang for your buck on a house bank for your cabin cruiser or Rv. Pete has the solution and the products to help fulfill whatever the need. Now in full swing with his latest venture he has been building some of the coolest golf cart ever. From cutting edge lithium battery technology for your golf cart, to golf cart solar charging systems or just totally custom golf carts built on all the major brands like Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha.This Blog post is going to start covering frequently asked questions concerning customers or golf cart owners alike that are currently looking to either upgrade the stereo system in their golf cart or install a new one.  Basics like what direction should you go. Traditional stereo systems with a head unit, amps and multiple speakers, or the new style bluetooth sound bars. Hopefully this blog post will be help full and feel free to post and add questions for Pete to answer in the future.
Golf Cart Speaker Pods Fits EZGO Rxv 2008 and Up
Ezgo RXV 2008 to Current
Golf Cart Speaker Pod Kit EZGO TxT 1994+ WM
Ezgo TxT 1994 to Current
EZGO Golf Cart Speaker Pods FAQ Ezgo Express
New Ezgo Express L4 or L6, S4 or S6
On Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 11:52 AM, Chris N
Name: ChrisComments: Hello, I have a 2017 ezgo express s4. I was looking to put a stereo system on the cart. I wanted something that sounded very good, I wanted to know if you can point me in the right direction.Do I go with a sound bar? Will the sound bar be loud enough?Or 6″ speakers built in with the pods and 5″ speakers drilled into the back under the seat with amp and head unit? I was looking at your Ezgo golf cart speaker pods you have for $87 do they fit ezgo,express?Not sure if you can helpChris 
​Chris – Good day! Thank you for your interest in our Golf Carts and accessories. Man, we do offer these speaker pods for old school audiophiles but the Hifonics sound bars are awesome… Bluetooth…  use you iPhone for pandora and you have a golf cart juke box that is very obnoxious. ​Very straight forward to install. Easy. The sound that they put out is incredible for a soundbar.
I mean It is not the 8-10 speaker stereo system you find in new high end cars but for the golf cart they are plenty loud. I have never had a complaint. We usually install the small one, but a few guys wanted the bigger one just because…
Though to answer your question I think the TxT Pods will work on the Express no problem because the instrument console is the same as the txt they only changed the body style externally. You can tell the difference quite easily in the images above for the Rxv carts on the left and the TxT carts on the right. followed by the current express dash side by side on right.
Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker by Hifonics 10 Speaker System Installed Graphic WM
 On Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 3:07 PM, Chris N
Name: Chris
Thank you pete,
How does and where does the hi phonics 10 fit the  easy go express. Would you recommend the six or the 10th and easy go express. Is this something I can install myself or I would need you to do?
What do you charge to install the sound bar
 Chris – We usually mount the Hifonics sound bar behind the driver seat on a four passenger or behind the driver and the forward facing passenger seat on a 6 seater. We mount a piece of square stock between the rear roof struts and then hang the sound bar from it. It is a fairly simple install. You will need some basic tools and power drill to drill holes to run wires to 12v power. Other than that it is a pice of cake. No switches, if electric cart you will need to install a voltage reducer, but on a gas cart you can just upgrade to a bigger battery and run direct off or off key switch.  The same work is required for the 6 or 10 speaker system. One is surely louder than the other. How loud you want go is the only question.
If you are local we can do the install it is probably a 2-2.5hr job depending on cart. Our shop rate is 85 per Hr.
So if you are handy with tools could save a little dough.
Yamaha Golf Cart Battery Charger 48 volt Lester 48V 13A

Is My Golf Cart Battery Charger Over Charging My Batteries?

This question was asked by a customer of our the other day and Pete wanted to share this information with you as well because it is a question Pete has found himself explaining over and over again over the years.
Question: From Rick in Florida.
​”​I have a new links charger and it seems to be over charging the batteries. The batteries were bubbling and the charger was still running. Charging at about 5 amps. 2 hours after I disconnected the charger batteries read 12.94
V Batteries are new Trojan 1275  Any suggestions ”
Answer :
The Lester Electric Golf Cart Battery Charger you purchased is a transformer style charger that is designed to apply amperage and voltage for a length of time that replaces the energy used from last discharge. This is fairly old technology but very effective to charge your golf cart batteries. Depending on the battery chargers output (Amperage), the batteries size (Capacity), and DOD(depth of discharge), all this will determine the amount of time required to fully charge the battery bank in question. In the process as they reach maximum capacity the more electricity that is forced into the batteries the more it excites the electrolyte and gets electrons moving in the battery itself…(That is the boiling sound you hear)
This is common… especially with NEW batteries…. this process actually needs to happen to positively charge and electrify the lead plates and cure the new lead…. any new battery pulled off the line at the manufacture will only test out at about 80% advertised Ah rating because the lead hasn’t been cured (still to soft). Something that is really impossible for the manufacturer to do in house because of the process involved. It takes on average 15-20 cycles at 50% DOD “Depth of Discharge”, to completely cure the new lead plates in a new lead acid battery and allow the battery to reach full capacity (That will be the advertised Ah rating at the 20hr rate.) So no worries as the charger is just doing its thing… Trojan batteries actually like to get hit harder ( More Amperage applied) than others thru the bulk phase and finishing phase of a charge cycle because the lead plates are thicker than most competitors. You will most likely add more water than ever over the period of time we will call breaking in phase. This is from the charger forcing electrons into the lead, once the lead is cured electrons cannot pass thru as easily. At which point the batteries will not be as excited (loud boiling sounds) when charging/complete charge. Make no mistake lead acid batteries will always make noise in the charge process and finishing phase because of the specific chemistry and design that make a lead acid battery. It is also an important part to insure good battery health as well. Without this boiling the lead plates sulfate rapidly and severely hinder battery life per charge and cycle life. This process actually helps to clean the lead plates and keep them clean to better react to the electrolyte in the cells to create electricity. AGM and Gel style batteries are even more picky than traditional lead acid batteries because they like more voltage and amperage to complete the same process.
Hopefully this was helpful and insightful to ease your worries about your golf cart batteries and the golf cart battery charger.
Power On…
Rick – response
Thanks for your response. So I understand the bubbling and sulfur smell are normal and I should not disconnect the charger. What should the Voltage be when fully charged? Should I charge even when reading about 12.5 volts after 9 holes?
Great service
Pete – response
No worries … I have seen 48v systems run as high as 58-60v when charging, but it is normal to see voltages around 50v-52v when sitting static for several days after a fresh charge cycle. Most common size lead acid batteries will be from .6 volts to .8 volts over advertised voltage on battery when fully charged. Always good to re-charge cart at the end of the day, never let it sit 1/2 -3/4 charged. re-charge then store when not in use.
Pete please help….Hi i charged my cart with my new charger. Thanks for the fast shipping but the batteries folded expelled acid do i have to change the settings on the charger my batteries are Trojan t-875, 8 volt, 170 ah @ 20hr, 145ah @ 5hrNo Worries – You should be fine with the factory setting…These golf cart chargers come pre set for lead acid batteries and your Trojan batteries are well within the settings range. It sounds like the batteries where over filled. Always check the level of the electrolyte after batteries are fully charged and only fill each cell about 1/4 – 3/8 inch above the batteries plates… which leaves about equal distance to the bottom of the cell cap tube.Pete’s Team TM006
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