Month: January 2017
Buying A Golf Cart Body Kit

Buying A Golf Cart Body Kit?

If you are in the market for buying a golf cart body kit Pete’s Golf Carts probably has just what you are looking for to give your cart a whole new look. As you probably know by now – There are all sorts of options and golf cart body kits on the market today. So what is what you say. Pete has been going the golf cart thing for sometime and he is no stranger to building something custom. Boats, Cars, Motorcycles and Trucks Pete has build a little of everything over the years. Though with a golf cart it is really very simple in concept and components yet nobody has got it right until now. All of the golf cart body kits on the market until now required a professional to do the install – and a professional paint and body guy to clean up the terrible body work found on some of these kits. Even Pete builds a few really cool carts from in house golf cart body kits they have designed. A ultra cool 1966 Shelby Cobra body and a even better seller is the C2 Corvette Golf Cart Body. But they cannot just be shipped through the mail common carrier to your door and installed on your golf cart in the garage in an afternoon. No Way! They require a coordinated effort from Pete’s team of professionals. But, the all new golf cart body kit by RChamp is something totally different. This new Cadillac like style golf cart body kit comes with everything Pete’s team needs to build a cool custom golf cart or you the do it yourselfer.RChamp Golf Cart Body Kit BlueCheckout this new body kit here.This All New Kit comes with Headlights and Taillights, Turn signals, Horn, Voltage reducer, Wiring harness, body panels and all the required fasteners to get the job done. Hands down Pete says this is the best darn golf cart body kit on the market right now. Not to mention the affordability for such a beautiful looking body style and complete DIY kit it is a slam dunk. Pete as we mentioned offers other golf cart kits but they need to be installed by his team in house and they are usually $3000 dollar and up builds with your cart. These RChamp body kits are cut and dried – Complete! You can build it at your house for a change. is now stocking these just for that reason. Purchase one today and save on shipping. Pete is offering this kit for $1349.00 with Free Shipping for a limited time. So save a few hundred bucks while you can and put that towards a awesome new Tire and Wheel package to make your new Cadillac style body kit look absolutely awesome. This golf cart body really pops in the sun because the made from ABS plastic with the color of your choice molded into the plastic but added a little glitter to make it really sparkle. Plus being they add the color this way it makes for a beautiful scratch resistant finish.Follow me to order yours today and SAVE BIG!!!!
Petes Golf Cart Buying Guide

Petes Golf Cart Buying Guide 

If you are in the market for a new golf cart you should consider several factors. After you do your research and decide what kind of golf cart you want you should consider Petes Golf Carts as the one stop shop to get the cart you want at a fair price in a timely manner. You will want to make a short list of the things you would like to do with your new golf cart. Like going to the beach or going to the golf course? Hauling your tools or gear around or just want to haul people. Once this is determined then you can decide on a ton of after market accessories we offer to complement the build of your golf cart so it is fun yet functional for your needs. Pete’s golf cart buying guide was put together just for this reason. Go here to start the process of building the golf cart of your dreams. Petes Golf Cart Buying Guide
PS – The majority of our customers buy their carts like this instead of one already put together with just basic colors and cheap cookie cutter basic accessories. This way the golf cart buyer or our customer can get it the way they want with colors and accessories that are usable and fun. Plus the peace of mind that comes with buying something that will have some type of warranty on the important systems that make your golf cart function properly. Like 12 month free replacement warranty on batteries. And a two year manufacturers warranty on battery chargers.
Petes Golf Cart Buying Guide
Other golf cart offers or so called deals…” Just don’t stack up.” You will be surprised to find what you get when you deal with Pete vs the competition.
Club Car Golf Cart For Sale 2007 Gas Model
On all of Pete’s custom builds they require a 50% deposit after the cart is described and itemized to create a cost basis and come up with a fixed agreed to selling/purchase price between the prospective buyer and Pete’s team of professionals. The other 50% is due on delivery.
You can feel free to contact us at 772-247-GOLF or me directly at 954-675-4068 should you have any further questions to schedule a build and estimate a tentative delivery date.


FAQ – #1 – It sounds expensive to have Pete build our custom golf cart. How much do they cost?Answer – Not really! Pete’s team will build your custom golf cart usually for much less than you could on your own not includiung the labor and tools required to do it. The average price for a custom golf cart is $7500.00 for a late model project (2010 and up Club Car, Ezgo, or Yamaha models – Electric or Gas) Basic builds start at $4500.00 (usd) and go up from there. Continue reading here to see what is included in the basic custom cart build. All golf carts can be paid for in advance or on delivery. Financing is available on the majority of our golf carts and custom builds. Custom built golf carts require a 50% deposit after cart is described and itemized to create a cost basis and come up with a fixed agreed to selling/purchase price. The other 50% is due on delivery. (Delivery is available locally, statewide, nationwide and worldwide – Free local delivery – all others subject to shipping fee. Statewide usually $150.00-200.00, nationally is usually $350-700.00 depending on your location.)The team at Pete’s Golf Carts builds quality carts using brand name golf carts as the foundation for every build. Global brands like Club Car, Ezgo, Tomberlin and Yamaha.FAQ – #2 – What are the best golf carts to buy?Answer – That is kind of a loaded question. In my humble opinion I would say the best golf cart you can buy for the money you invest. All the major brands like Club Car, Ezgo, Tomberlin and Yamaha have been manufacturing their golf carts for quite awhile and they also have thousands of hours of use and data to make them better every year. Each brand and model has similar features and different options that make them unique. Basic features and benefits of a golf cart go industry wide across all the brands. This is another reason why we created Pete’s Golf Cart Buying Guide. To inform the consumer and give the next golf cart owner the knowledge they need when deciding on their first golf cart or their next golf cart.FAQ – #3 – What kind of maintenance is involved in owning a golf cart.Answer – All late model golf carts that are relatively maintenance free compared to other recreational vehicles like a boat, car or truck. Of course the little maintenance that is required will depend on what type of propulsion system you choose. Gas or Electric? With electric models you will want to have a good quality golf cart battery charger that you plug into your house or garage after daily use to keep the batteries in your golf cart charged. If you choose the gas model you will need to change the oil on occasion with an annual tune up or put gas in it as needed. So it depends but again it goes back to what are your need you are looking to meet with your next golf cart. Are you in a little beach town with bars , restaurants and attractions you want to frequent or are you out on the range feeding live stock or hunting game.
Golf Cart Seat Belts 4 Passenger Universal Installed WM

Golf Cart Seat Belts Installation Guide Step By Step

Now that you have purchased your new set of golf cart seat belts you are wondering how do I put them on my golf cart? Well here is a little handy step by step guide put together by Pete’s team to do just that.Please: Read all of the following safety and service instructions before attempting installation.Remember safety first – Wear safety glasses during installation. Park your golf cart on a flat surface and apply parking brake.Tools required:
  • Electric or portable power drill
  • Drill bit set
  • 3/8 drive racket or similar
  • Metric socket set and wrenches
  • Safety Glasses
Step 1 – Line up your new golf cart seat belts bracket behind the golf carts seat back support with the short end facing forward and the short seat belt bracket in front of the seat back support (YOU MIGHT HAVE TO REMOVE BOLTS TO THE SEAT BACK SUPPORT TO GET LONG SEAT BELT BRACKET IN PLACE).Golf Cart Seat Belts Installation How To 1Step 2 – Use (4) M10X60 bolts, (8) M10 washers, and (4) M10 nuts to position the golf cart seat belts bracket in the desired position.Golf Cart Seat Belts Installation How To 2Step 3 – You may now attach with supplied bolts the retractable golf cart seat belts on the bracket ends using (2) 7/16 flange bolts, (4) 7/16 washers, (2) 7/16 thread rings, and (2) 7/16 nuts. (See Image Below)Golf Cart Seat Belts Installation How To 3Step 4 – Now you can bolt the lock buckles on the inner mounting plates of the golf cart seat belt bracket using included (2) 7/16 bolts, (4) 7/16 washers, and (2) 7/16 nuts. Once completed you have successfully installed your new golf cart seat belts.  (See image below)Golf Cart Seat Belts Installation How To 4If you are looking to purchase a new set of golf cart seat belts click here to learn more. And remember to be safe out there. Driving a golf cart is fun yet they can be dangerous if not operated with care and attention.