Month: May 2018

Golf Cart Mufflers Why Do We Need One? When Should You Replace it?

A golf cart muffler is just a good idea. Just like for your car truck boat or Rv. If you have ever been to the race track you know how loud a vehicle can be when revving their engines and running open headers… Meaning “No exhaust at all” not to mention the mufflers. So being our golf cart is used in a residential neighborhood or public place where others will be present. It is just something we see as a common courtesy to others. A loud noisy engine running around in the general area would just be down right annoying. Nobody likes to be annoyed when they are relaxing or trying to relax after work or on a weekend vacation in the Rv park, or at the beach. So where ever life might find you and regardless of the year make and model of your golf cart. If it is noisy (louder than your average car) Checkout Pete’s Golf carts for all your Golf Cart Muffler needs… All orders over $99 ship Free everyday – 365… Whether you own a Club Car , Ezgo or Yamaha golf cart Pete has you covered.

Things to look for that will tell you it is time to replace your muffler.

  • Visually can see exhaust escaping the motor before exiting the exhaust tip
  • Rusted out or cracked muffler
  • Broken or cracked muffler flange that attaches to the Cylinder Head
  • Completely missing and your golf cart sounds like it is ready for the races.
Golf Cart Mufflers Why Do We Need One? When Should You Replace it? Where can I find a replacement golf cart muffler for my golf cart? Follow this link to Pete’s Golf Carts… All the Parts and Accessories your golf cart will ever need. Golf Cart Mufflers Continue reading if you would like to learn more about your golf cart.