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Get Charge Tracking Software For Delta Q iC650 Golf Cart Battery Charger

Charge Tracking Software For Delta Q iC650 Golf Cart Battery ChargerNow that you finally took the plunge and purchased the all new re-designed Delta Q iC650 Golf Cart Battery Charger. You want to take advantage of one of its key features “Charge Data Tracking”. It is really a cool feature to come from a golf cart battery charger for under a grand. Actually for any charger for that matter. We offer the complete line of Delta Q Battery Chargers on our original site at BatteryPete. Whether you are looking for an industrial battery charger or a Delta Q golf cart charger. Here at Pete’s Golf Carts we are specific so you will only find the 36 volt Delta Q iC650 and 48 volt Delta Q iC650. Anyhow, we still get calls and questions daily about whats what or how to do this or how to do that so here I am again trying to put this blog post together to help you guys out a little more. I got a call yesterday for a cool cat – Ex-military tech that wanted to know…. How Do We Get Get Charge Tracking Software For the Delta Q iC650 Golf Cart Battery Charger. Usually I am right there with the answers whatever someone my fire my way but this time I was stumped! So I did some research after work and made a few phone calls to get the info my new friend needed. The Delta Q iC650 is a all new redesigned unit built on the QuiQ charger legacy for Delta only better than ever. The dimensions have come down, the internals are fixed, the thing is super rugged durable. You can watch a crazy clip on one of the product pages where they demonstrate just how so.  Now that we got the basics out of the way and gave you a laugh lets get down to the specifics and get technical. As we know the Delta Q iC650 is a digital smart charger capable of charging any mainstream battery technology (chemistry) like Lead Acid, AGM, Gel and even Lithium. It is handled internally by a pre-programmed algorithm specific for your battery type. The boys at Delta Q Technologies have spent years developing different algorithms for 100’s of batteries. Which only happens after doing tons and tons of R&D tracking charge and discharge data. Now they have once again set the bar and put that power of knowledge in your hands. This will allow you to see first hand how the batteries in your cart are being charged and reflect on the actual physical properties that take place in any given charge cycle. Example – They are getting really hot, boiling even! Don’t seem to be charging 100%. The days of old – relying on your sense of smell or touch are to determine charging characteristics are over. You can follow the link provided here to Get Charge Tracking Software For Delta Q iC650 Golf Cart Battery Charger. Download the official Delta Q Software (IDAT) Simple IC Data Analysis Tool  for free. All IC Series chargers record data such as capacity returned, charge cycle completion or interruption, and the charge profile being used. This data is useful in vehicle or machine diagnostics. The software will enable you to easily view and understand charge tracking data from your IC Series battery chargers. Continue to learn about Delta Q Golf Cart Battery Chargers. Some of the features and benefits that make them hands down one of the best golf cart chargers on the planet. Please leave a review, reply or response to this blog article if you found it to be informative and useful. Power On… Pete  

Who Makes The Best Battery Watering System for your Golf Cart?

the best Battery Watering SystemWell you asked so here we are talking about it! Who does make the best battery watering system for your golf cart? I know, I know this might seem quite arrogant but we do! BatteryPete has been doing it for years… Pete works with the top manufactures in the industry to get the systems they offer to the public – and all the products we offer are great products at fair prices. But after doing this as long as we have been doing it we know what works best for what. Meaning some applications are better suited for one brand of watering system and another for another. If that makes sense? BatteryPete also offers universal kits for you to install on special construction of one of a kind systems using only the best components in each and every watering system. Lets take the Hydrolink battery watering system into consideration for a minute. The Hydrolink battery watering system has one specific feature that set it above the rest and makes it one of the best. It is the fact they use non mechanical valve that do not break or get gummed up over time and will never give a false reading.  The Hydrolink battery watering system also uses one piece cap covers for a super fast and easy installation. That is always a plus with the DYI guy. Leaving more time for fishing or watching the game on the weekend. Lets face it that is why we are installing something like the hydrolink watering system in the first place. Free up some of our down time to do other things besides preventive maintenance and working on stuff on the weekend. The Hydrolink Pro Fill battery watering system is another great battery watering system if not the best battery watering system because it is also made with one piece cap covers and non mechanical valves. Though the biggest difference is the flow rite pro fill battery watering system is available for almost ever type and size battery on the market. This is a major draw for most guys because they dont have trojan batteries in their golf cart or Rv but want a good watering system. This in my opinion is why Pete and I think the best battery watering system is the flow rite watering system. If you would like more information on the flow rite watering system continue reading here or if you would like to purchase now your new flow rite watering system. the best battery watering system