DPI 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger 18 Amp – All Golf Carts

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This 48 volt 17 Amp Accusense Intelligent Golf Cart Battery Charger is perfect for your golf cart batteries. Designed to be used on any 48 volt golf cart. Now with new long term storage mode. Interchangeable output cables. Select the correct cable connector for your golf cart when placing your order. 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty. If you want a quality golf cart battery charger look no further.  Higher output amperage than competitive brands. Pete is proud to bring to you quality products MADE IN THE USA!!! Made In America Logo

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DPI 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger 18 Amp – All Golf Carts

This 48 volt 18 Amp Golf Cart Battery Charger is the perfect smart charger. Diversified Power Internationals ALL NEW 4th generation Accu-Sense Intelligent 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger is perfect for your golf cart batteries. Designed to be used on any 36 volt golf cart battery system. Whether you own a Club Car, Ezgo, Star Car or Yamaha Golf Cart. Choose the connector you will need from the drop down menu at checkout. refer to labeled images below if you are not sure what type of connector you will need for your golf cart. DPI’s 4th generation Accu-sense Charge® Intelligent Golf Cart Battery Charger is powered by a smart, microprocessor-controlled, multi-stage charge algorithm for various battery types used in golf carts and other electric or industrial vehicle applications. Patented selector and downloadable custom algorithms allow user’s to charge most every battery type and customize the charger for specific needs. 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger DPI Gen IV PGC 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger DPI Gen IV BackDiversified Power International has been manufacturing golf cart battery chargers right here in the USA since 1987. This Heavy Duty 36 volt golf cart battery charger has a weatherized construction that is durable and ensures reliability. Studies have shown this type of charger outperforms other battery chargers that claim to be rated at 25 amps and outperform tapered-type chargers rated at 35A!


AN INDUSTRY FIRST FROM DIVERSIFIED POWER INTERNATIONAL – Designed around a DC powered micro-processor that basically keeps track of time. After you plug in the charger to charge the golf carts batteries it just does it’s thing. Once the charge cycle is complete the charger will shut off automatically and disconnect from AC power via the AC disconnect power relay. Then the DC powered processor powers up off the golf cart batteries and begins to track time. After 28 days it will automatically turn the charger back on to top off your golf cart batteries. (Keeping lead acid based batteries fully charged is important to maintain the internal health of the battery and ensure proper performance and life cycle expectancy.

Features and Benefits:

Ability To Interchange DC Side Output Cables For Numerous Connector Options To Fit All Golf Carts. Designed With An Analog Ammeter and LED Display AC Power Cord Quick Connect With I.E.C. Connector and LED Indicator AC Disconnect Relay Micro-USB Interface For Charge Tracking and Algorithm Customization 32 Charge Algorithms Available Via User Switch Panel Ability to Charge Any Golf Cart Size Battery Regardless of Chemistry ( AGM, GEL , Lithium, Lead Acid ) 100% INPUT TO OUTPUT GALVANIC ISOLATION — WET LOCATION ISOLATION PROTECTION FROM A.C. MAINS – DOWNLOADABLE ALGORITHMS FOR MANY OTHER TYPES OF BATTERIES USER ENABLED ON-DEMAND-CELL-EQUALIZATION CHARGING – OPTIONAL BATTERY TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION CABLE KIT – LOWER PROFILE, NEW HIGHER EFFICIENCY CONSTRUCTION


  • • 36Vdc, 18Adc Output
  • • 120Vac 60Hz Input
  • • 9ft Length Input and Output Cords
  • • Output Connector Type: Club Car – Ezgo – Yamaha
  • • Designed/Made In USA (92% min. USA material sourced content)
  • • UL/CSA Listed
  • • No Spark Charging, Reverse Battery Protection
  • • 20 Amp DC Panel Meter and 5-L.E.D. Read-out
  • • Patented Selector allows user to charge most every lead-acid battery type. Even AGM and Gel Batteries
  • • 31lbs (14kg), 6.25×6.875×10.25in (159x175x260mm)
 DPI 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger Connector OptionsThis 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger DC output connector options include the following: 1. EZGO TxT 2 Pin Connector 2. Crowsfoot Connector 3. Anderson SB50 (Gray) Connector 4. Anderson SB50 (Red) Connector (Approx size 2″ x 1.5″) 5. Star Car – Yellow Round 3-Pin ConnectorIf you have any questions about this product or anything related to your golf cart needs feel free to contact us directly at (772) 247-GOLF (4653). Pete’s friendly staff is always standing by to help you.

Additional information

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions12 x 8 x 10 in
Connector Type

Ezgo D36 TxT 2 Pin, Crowsfoot, Anderson SB50 (Gray), Anderson SB50 (Red), Star Car Yellow Round 3 Pin


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