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    Deka 8G31DTM (Marine/RV) Gel Battery

    The 8G31DTM is a 12 volt 97.6 Ah Gel battery; group size 31. It is the perfect deep cycle battery for applications such as marine, solar and backup power. This battery is ideal for long term use in demanding applications that require high and low temperature tolerances. The Deka 8G31DTM gel battery is maintenance free and ready to perform again and again no matter how hard you push this battery. Usually Ships within 3 business days. For shipping costs on International orders please contact us. Must purchased (2) or more. 
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    Trojan T-1275 12 Volt Golf Cart Battery

    Trojan batteries are a clean, reliable power source for golf carts, electric vehicles, floor machines, AWP, RV, marine, mobility, solar power and renewable energy. Note - This product is only available for delivery in certain areas - Price is with Exchange! Please call us to verify you are within our network reach. (772) 444 - 2280 
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    US12VXC US Battery – 12 Volt Battery – 155Ah

    This US12VXC 12 Volt 155Ah Battery from U.S. Battery has the exclusive XC2™ formulation and Diamond Plate Technology®. This Technology allows their batteries to reach peak capacity very rapidly. Their batteries have higher total energy delivery, and an extended battery life over other traditional lead acid batteries. U.S. Battery’s unique design and variety of sizes in 6, 8 and 12-volt battery applications make them some of the most compatibility batteries in the field. The perfect fit for your Golf Cart, Marine or RV House bank, Floor Scrubber or other industrial applications where Deep Cycle Batteries are required. Made in America Deep Cycle Battery by U.S. Battery

    This US12VXC US Battery is available for Local Will-Call Pick-up at this sale price with exchange from several south Florida warehouse locations.    [View Local warehouse location Now ]   (Not Eligible for Common Carrier Shipping.) Please call us if you live elsewhere in the continental US to arrange shipping from LTL Carrier - When shipping you must purchase minimum of four batteries to qualify. We do have affiliate warehouse throughout the United States so feel free to call us to see if you live within our dealer network. (954)-675-4068 or (772)-444-2280 - For Export and Qty pricing contact us via our contact page or at Sales@BatteryPete.com

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