Golf Cart Battery Watering Systems

Golf Cart Battery Watering Systems are a great time saver and make general maintenance on your electric golf cart a breeze. So save time and money by taking care of your golf cart batteries. With regular use you should check your batteries once a month for proper water (Electrolyte) levels. If you use your golf cart daily you should check even more frequently. Proper water levels are required in all lead acid batteries to maintain proper performance. But everyone I know hates to take two hours to do the job. Plus it is kinda messy and you can get battery acid everywhere eventually if you are adding to much. 
So Pete says … Get a Golf Cart Battery Watering System and forget about all the wasted time and holes in your shorts or socks.. Worst yet the garage floor… With a one point battery watering system you fill in 5-10 minutes – Perfect every time! Now you can even keep tabs on individual cells and monitor electrolyte levels at a glance with the new BWT quick look indicators on each individual valve.