Frequently Asked Questions About Your New Golf Cart Battery Charger

Choosing a golf cart charger

There are some things you want to keep in mind when shopping for a golf cart charger. This charger will be responsible for powering up your golf cart engine when it runs down. You never want to be stuck in the middle of the golf course with a golf cart that has no power.

If you have a gas powered golf cart then most likely you have an alternator charging the starting battery on your cart. I have even come across ones that uses solar power.

Optimal chargers for EV’s

But if you own an electric golf cart you will want to pay special attention to the battery system and the charger because this is the system that drives your cart. Whether you have a 36 volt system and need a 36 volt golf cart battery charger or if you have a 48 volt system and need the 48 volt golf cart battery charger these are some of the best ones one the market today. They are way better than the older style chargers because they have been optimized for energy consumption. Your old chargers probably hum from the electricity backing up in them and they never shut off until you unplug it. This should be low, because it is being used to charge another power source. You never want all the energy going towards the charger itself. Ensure this portion of the charger is running efficiently.

Solar Power

More and more people are opting for a charger that runs on solar energy. This is because it is eco-friendly and it uses renewable energy. Basically, a solar charger does not cause any types of pollutants in the environment like fuel powered chargers do. This is a choice that you can feel good about, and know that it is doing its job when hooked to your golf cart. Unfortunately the only ones on the market right now are junk. We will keep you posted on that aspect and any new products.


Not only do you need to take the time when choosing your battery charger for your golf cart, you also want to explore the way it operates. Golf cart chargers for sale come with a manual, but you can also search online for tutorials. These will help you get a better understanding of how the charger functions.


You will want to test your charger out right away, because you will have the option to get a replacement if it does not work. If you wait until you need the charger to try it out, it could be out of warranty and then you are stuck with a charger that does not work. Always test your charger to avoid this from happening to you.

Watch out for errors

There are some errors that could hinder your charger from working efficiently. Here are a few that you may encounter.

  • Voltage – Your charger will come with a recommended voltage from the manufacture. This will vary by state or country, but you want to always be sure that you are plugging the charger into the correct plug. Plugging a 110 volt to a 210 outlet could cause the charger to blow up. This mistake could cost you a lot of money that will not be covered under your insurance policy because it is considered negligence.
  • Indicator – When charging your battery, you will want to remove it from the golf cart. This will ensure that the battery is not receiving power from other sources of energy, and cause the indicator to read improperly. It could hinder the performance of your charger, and allow you to know rather or not it is functioning correctly.

If you test the OHM-Meter read and currents are not flowing through the charger, then you will need to send it back to the manufacture. Never try to use a golf cart charger that is not functioning correctly, as it could cause bigger issues for your golf cart.

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