Golf Cart Tires

It is common to need to replace your worn out golf cart tires. The reason for replacement may be dry rot due to age. Or, perhaps, your front alignment was off and you’ve worn your front tires down to the threads. Maybe it’s as simple as a set of tires that you’ve got your money’s worth out of but it’s just time to install a new set with better tread.

Regardless, replacing your worn out tires is a common thing to do, and we ship loads of loose tires to our customers daily! Simply unbox your brand new tires and get them mounted at your trusted tire store or golf cart shop near you!

Tire Sizes:

Tires for 8″ Wheels
Tires for 10″ Wheels
Tires for 12″ Wheels
Tires for 14″ Wheels
Tires for 15″ Wheels

Types of Tires:

Lawn and Garden Tires
Grey Non-marking Tires for Industrial and Commercial
OEM Sawtooth Golf Cart Tires
Street Tires for Paths and Pavement
Turf Tires for the Golf Course
All-Terrain Tires for Mixed Use: Gravel, Campground, Light Trails, Etc….
Rugged Off-Road Tires for more Extreme Use

Tire Brands:

  • GTW
  • Steeleng
  • Arisun
  • LSI
  • Excel
  • Kenda
  • Wanda
  • Michelin

Simply select your tire type below and begin shopping!

Pete's Range of Golf Cart Tires