Diversified Power International

Headquartered in Tennessee, DPI designs and manufactures smart battery chargers, battery related power systems, converters and solar powered systems. Started by a small group of engineers whose backgrounds spanned many years in the lead acid battery business, their combined experience sought to develop products that surpassed the meager performance of retail type products. DPI, today, provides microprocessor based design and manufacturing solutions to most all industries including, but not limited to retail, material handling, medical, military, industrial, automotive, and others.

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Additional Information

DPI manufactures Smart Battery Chargers that offer advantages over other chargers, such as less battery gassing, which results in less water replacement and lower battery heating, fewer battery maintenance hours, and lower electric power consumption.

Diversified Power International’s Intelligent Battery Charging Systems feature Microprocessor/Software embedded High End Technology and Customized Solutions at very competitive rates. This gives our customers a good fit for charging applications, increased battery life and lower overall operating costs.

They are the original inventors of many of the so called ‘intelligent’, ‘smart’, ‘multi-stage’ and 5-stage charge algorithms. Their in-house R&D Engineering exhaustively charge and discharge battery packs to devise newer and more exacting charge algorithms and algorithms for new storage batteries and other upcoming new energy storage elements.

DPI is headquartered in Piney Flats, Tennessee and has been producing golf cart battery chargers for over 30 years.