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Pete has been servicing the Golf Cart industry for years. He has been offering great products, great prices and great service on batteries, chargers and DC power related items as Battery Pete. Now he has broadened his horizons. He is an avid car guy and gear head, so it was only natural for him to start playing around in the shop ‘hot rodding’ his personal golf cart. This led to numerous other upgrades and after market accessories. Pete caught the bug, as always making friends along the way. He has now built a network in the industry to be able to bring you hundreds of cool upgrade parts and accessories for your own golf cart.

If you want to learn more about customizing or taking care of your golf cart, visit Pete’s Blog where he discusses common problems we all experience from time to time. He also demonstrates how to install some of the upgrades and accessories.

Pete spends most of his day on the phone answering questions, helping people figure out exactly what they need or how to install it. If he’s helped you or you found one of his blog articles useful, take a second to give him a Google plus thumbs up.

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