Street and Turf Golf Cart Tires

Street and Turf Golf Cart Tire Collection – 8 Inch | 10 Inch | 12 Inch | 14 Inch | 15 Inch

Going Street Legal or simply need a high quality set of new Street and Turf Golf Cart Tires? Looking for great deals on street tires for your golf cart? Look no further than here at Pete’s Golf Carts: you will find what you need. Great products, great service, great prices.

Economy tires to Steel Belted Radial street tires, we have it for you. At Pete’s, we are glad to help you figure out what you need if you’re having a hard time navigating through the hundreds of golf cart tire options.

Top Brands

Thanks to our great supplier partners and manufacturers, we carry all of the top brands in golf cart tires. Excel, GTW, RHOX, Steeleng, Arisun, and LSI just to name a few.

If you’re thinking street and turf tires are not for you and you would like a more aggressive tire, please head to our Collection of All-terrain Golf Cart Tires.

Pete's Range of Street and Turf Golf Cart Tires

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