Maximum Tire Size for Golf Cart with Lift & without Lift

Maximum Tire Size for Golf Cart with Lift & without Lift

A very common question we get asked is “what size wheels and tires can I put on my golf cart without rubbing?”

The first part of this question, about the wheel, is easy. You can use 8”, 10″, 12″, or 14″ golf cart wheels on your lifted or non-lifted golf cart. The crucial measurement is the height of the tires.

The second part of this question, unfortunately, is not perfectly straight forward. The maximum tire size depends upon the condition of the suspension components on your golf cart. Below, we have assembled a chart that shows maximum tire heights for various golf carts. The first number in each cell is the “recommended maximum” tire size for that specific application.

On a cart with suspension in good condition, you should not experience any tire rub using the recommend maximum (or smaller) tire size. The second number in each cell, after the forward slash, is the “maximum-with slight rubbing possible” tire size. On a cart with suspension in good condition, you may experience tire rub using these size tires. This rubbing generally occurs when the cart is in high torque situation. For example, you may have no rubbing going down a trail but may rub climbing through a ditch with your golf cart.

  • Evaluate Suspension Health: Before considering tire upgrades, conducting a thorough assessment of the suspension system’s integrity is paramount.
  • Consult Manufacturer Guidelines: Referring to manufacturer specifications or seeking expert advice aids in determining the optimal tire heights for your golf cart model.
  • Mitigating High Torque Issues: Be cognizant of potential tire rubbing instances, especially during high torque maneuvers, and adjust tire sizes accordingly.
  • Prioritize Safety: Adhering to recommended tire size limits preserves both the performance and safety standards of your golf cart.

Besides tire sizes and suspension conditions, several variables influence your golf cart’s performance:

  • Terrain Adaptability: Tailoring tire sizes and tread patterns to suit diverse terrains optimizes traction and stability.
  • Load Bearing Capacity: Considering the weight-bearing capacity ensures safe operation under varying loads.
  • Maintenance Protocols: Regular upkeep of suspension components and tire pressure levels enhances tire longevity and overall performance.

NOTE: These are recommendations only! Your final decision should be based on thorough research, consulting with lift kit instructions, and consulting with golf cart manufacturer recommendations.

Cart Make & ModelNO Lift3 Lift6 Lift
E-Z-GO TXT18″/20″20″/22″23″/25″
E-Z-GO RXV18″/20″20″/22″23″/25″
Club Car Precedent18″/19″20″/21″22″/23″
Club Car DS18″/19″20″/21″22″/23″
Yamaha G2/G918″/19″20″/21″22″/23″
Yamaha G8/G16/G16/G1918″/19″20″/21″22″/23″
Yamaha G2218″/19″20″/21″22″/23″
Yamaha G29 (Drive)18″/20″20″/22″23″/25″

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