Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

Golf Cart tires and wheels

Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Combos – 8″ | 10″ | 12″ | 14″ | 15″

Pete’s Golf Carts offers a huge variety of golf cart tires and wheels to best fit your cart needs. Need something for the golf course? Maybe you are cruising around the campground on the weekends. No matter what you use your golf cart for, we have you covered!

Golf Cart Tires – Your Options

We’ve got all the tires at Pete’s Golf Carts:

Just Want a New Golf Cart Wheel – or Set of Wheels?

If you just want the wheel to replace one which is broken or damaged – or you’d like to purchase a new set of wheels without tires (maybe there’s some life in the tires you have?!), then have a look at the following sections:

Pete's Range of Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

Additional Information

Looking for Wheel & Tire Combo Deals?

We’ve got them, if that’s what you want- to order a complete set of 4 wheels with the tires already fitted. Check out our combo deals here.

If your cart has been lifted, click here; if your cart is “stock” (not lifted) then have a look here!

Golf Cart Wheel Buying Guide

Does it matter which wheels I buy for my golf cart?

In terms of the fittings, no, it doesn’t. Any of our wheels will fit any golf cart currently on the market, because the fittings are standard for wheels.

BUT, and this is important, you will not be able to fit larger wheels onto a stock golf cart, unless it has been lifted.

For this reason, Pete splits his wheel and tire combo deals forLifted Carts andStock Carts“.

Don’t know if your cart is lifted or not? One way to tell is to look at a photo of the stock version of your cart and see if your cart “rides higher”. If you are in real doubt, please contact Pete, ideally send a picture of your cart, and describe the year, make and model.

What About the Tires?

Does it matter which tires I buy for my golf cart?

The main decision point is this: will you be driving your golf cart mostly on streets (asphalt, concrete etc) or mostly “off road” (like on a golf course or farmland)?

For this reason, Pete breaks the tires down by Street Vs All Terrain, because most cart owners will have a preference of one over the other.

If you are kind of in between, then consider Street Tires with a bit more tread (pictures help for this!) or the All Terrain Golf Cart Tires which have a little bit less tread.

Obviously, if you regularly use your cart on muddier ground, then consider getting more tread, and definitely start your search in the All Terrain Tires section.

As ever, if you have questions, contact Pete at Pete’s Golf Carts by email or phone.

Free US Shipping on All Wheels and Tires

Everything at Pete’s Golf Carts will ship free in the 48 states if you spend over $99. Ordering a set of tires or wheels will therefore always ship free to most of the USA.