12 Inch Golf Cart Street Tires

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Collection of 12 Inch Golf Cart Street Tires for Your Golf Cart, LSV, or EV

Upgrade your worn out tires on your golf cart with the top-of-the-line 12 Inch Street Tires from Pete’s collection. These high-performance golf cart tires are specially designed for the streets and roads, delivering optimal traction and stability on any surface. In addition, these tires provide the perfect balance between comfort and maneuverability. With a 12-inch wheel diameter, these tires are designed to mount on all standard golf cart 12 inch wheels.  Tire heights vary, please note tire height in descriptions.

Crafted with durability in mind, these street tires are built to last, ensuring long-lasting performance and value for your money. Their unique tread pattern enhances grip and reduces skidding, giving you maximum control while cruising the streets.

Whether you’re heading to the golf course or simply enjoying a leisurely ride around town, these 12 Inch Golf Cart Street Tires are the perfect choice for your golf cart or EV. Upgrade your ride today and experience unmatched performance and style.

Higher Performance Street Tires

If your PTV or golf cart is traveling at higher speeds than most, we’ve got the high performance 12-inch golf cart tires just for you. Pete’s has a variety of Steel Belted Radial (SBR) 12″ tires that are designed for premium performance. SBR technology is the same construction used for passenger car tires and has many benefits. For starters, Steel Belted Radial golf cart tires are a “true round” tire to provide a ride that doesn’t bounce like standard tires. Additionally, SBR technology provides a softer, more cushioned ride, and longer tread life. Do not hesitate to up your game with steel belted radial tires, you will not be disappointed!

Additional Information

These tires are compatible with most standard 12-inch golf cart wheels. We carry a full lineup of top golf cart cart tire manufacturers: GTW, RHOX, Arisun, Wanda, Excel, Steeleng, and LSI.


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The type of battery you need depends on your golf cart’s model. Most golf carts use either lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries.

The lifespan of a golf cart battery varies depending on usage and maintenance. Lead-acid batteries typically last 3-5 years, while lithium-ion batteries can last 8-10 years.

Golf cart tires come in various types, including street tires for smooth paved surfaces, turf tires for golf courses and grassy areas, and all-terrain tires for off-road adventures.

You can find the correct tire size for your golf cart by checking the sidewall of your current tires or referring to your golf cart’s owner’s manual.

A lift kit increases your golf cart’s ground clearance, allowing you to tackle rougher terrain. It also gives your cart a more aggressive look.

Most lift kits come with the necessary hardware and instructions for installation. You may need some basic tools like a socket wrench and jack stands.

We offer a mix of universal accessories that fit most golf carts and model and specific accessories designed for specific makes and models.

Many accessories are designed for easy installation. However, some accessories may require more technical skills or tools.

Most windshields are designed for easy installation with common tools. We also offer installation instructions and videos to guide you through the process

Mirrors improve safety by increasing visibility and awareness of your surroundings. They are essential if you plan on driving your golf cart on public roads.