Check out this range of awesome speakers for your golf cart. Get your music when you’re on the move using one of the options below.

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Pete's Range of Speakers

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Speakers Buying Guide

Unlike a lot of golf cart parts and accessories, speakers are not usually dependent on the type of cart you have.

But, you should be aware of the different range of options. Some speakers are designed to be fit into a recess in your cart, while others (sound bars) are more universal and can attach to the frame in basically any cart.

Cart Specific Speaker Pods

As you can see from the options Pete stocks, above, you may want to buy Speaker Pods, which do require you to have the correct make and model – for example, these EZGO Txt Speaker Pods will fit any EZGO TXT cart from 1994 up to today, and you can then drop in your speakers into here.

Universal Golf Cart Speakers

Several of the speakers we stock will fit virtually any golf cart, with little or no customization required, for example:

Here you can see our full range of Golf Cart Speakers.

Contact Pete If You Are Not Sure

Not sure which speaker is right for your car or music devices? Contact Pete – he’ll be able to let you know which option is best.