Frequently Asked Questions About Your New Golf Cart Battery Charger

Frequently Asked Questions About Your New Golf Cart Battery Charger

Pete has been working with electrical automotive systems for years and has come across nearly every model, system and battery. Learn from his experience here through the questions and answers with the great set of customers at Pete’s Golf Carts.

New charger, lights won’t come on

Customer question

Dear Pete,

Hi, finally this week we got the charger. However; once plugged to both the outlet and to the golf cart no lights come up, is this normal? Batteries haven’t been charged in a while.


Pete’s answer

Terrific… Glad to hear you finally received the charger. Though in order for these chargers or any new style charger to function they need to be able to pick up voltage from the cart. If the batteries are completely dead or near so the charger will not kick on.

You will need to charge the batteries up individually with like an automotive style charger, two at a time if you have a 36 volt battery system, or even can do 3 at a time if you have a 48 volt system and a automotive style charger that allows you to toggle charge voltage like 6v, 8v, 12v, or 24v. Once the bank of batteries is at least 35-40v plug in the new charger and it should do its thing.

Regardless of how you do it the battery bank needs to be charged up enough for the new golf cart battery charger to know it is actually hooked up to a battery bank comparable the operating voltage of the golf cart charger you purchased. Once this is achieved should be able to use the new charger as intended.

To get the most out of your batteries… Always charge your batteries back up after use and before storing. This is also the time to check the water level in traditional lead acid batteries. (After they are completely charged.)


Charger throwing off heat

Customer question

Pete… Super fast shipping thanks, Question?

I received the new DPI 36 volt golf cart battery charger this morning. I started charging the batteries and everything was working fine. I came back to check if it had finished charging and the charger was hot, the amp meter was still showing close to 20 amps. I checked the battery volts with a volt meter and it showed 45 volts. I unplugged the charger from the wall outlet and disconnected the plug from the cart. I again checked the voltage and it was still at 45 volts. Is there something wrong with the charger or is this normal? These are new batteries and I don t want them ruined.

Pete’s answer

Yes sir…. All seems to be fine… These types of chargers do generate heat. Really any device that is passing and converting current (electricity) thru it will do so. That’s why they are made with aluminum casings and have holes punched throughout the case to help dissipate the heat.

New batteries right off the line are very hungry for energy and will soak it up like a sponge for the first 15-20 charge cycles… the lead is not cured yet… I have seen new batteries right off the line take a charge for 8-12hrs… usually starting out with amperage up around 15-20 range (Wide Open) then as the charge cycle reaches higher voltages the amp gauge will start to go down, but still might stay in the 5-10 range for hours still.

These chargers are designed to shut off automatically when charge is complete so let it run its course… I do suggest venting the area if charging in a garage or shed vs out side because off gassing does occur during the charge process of lead acid batteries and kinda stinks. Note – a fully charged 36v cart is usually around 42-43v… but during the charge process as the charger forces electricity into the batteries the voltage will be higher. Same applies to a 48v system where there you will see voltages well over 50 volts…

Hope this is helpful in better understanding your golf cart battery charger and batteries.

Power On…


Two chargers, neither works

Customer question

Just got my new golf cart battery charger in the mail. Super fast shipping but it doesn’t work either. My other charger just stopped working so I assumed it was the charger. Could there be something going on with my golf cart? The kids used it all weekend and ran it down to the point we had to push it into the garage. We plugged in our old charger and nothing. Here it has been a week and still cannot use our golf cart. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance , Steve.

Pete’s answer

Well actually you probably did not need to purchase a charger at all. Sounds like the batteries in the golf cart are just so low when you plugged in the battery charger it did not know it was plugged into your golf cart and just did not turn itself on.

You see, all new style chargers have to sense voltage before they will apply amperage. It is a built-in safety feature so you cannot electrocute yourself or someone else once the charger is plugged into the wall socket.

On average a charger will need a surface voltage of 30 volts or better in the golf carts battery bank to turn itself on. So if you do not have enough electricity in the golf cart batteries you will need to charge them up manually with a 6 or 12 volt automotive style battery charger.

You do not even need to disconnect the wires just attach the clamps red to positive and black to negative on each individual battery for 10-15 minutes each to get some energy back in them.

Once you have done this across the whole bank, try your old charger first to see if it works. If so, you can return the new one and we will credit your account minus the shipping costs. Hopefully this is the problem. It is a very common thing where people forget to charge the batteries in the golf cart before they go away for a few weeks. Or go away for the summer months to return to a dead cart.


Battery Desulfators

Customer question

Thanks Pete for the fastest delivery I have ever had. I have installed my new Delta Q QUIQ 48 volt golf cart battery charger and everything is working. I have a question about the charger. Will it hurt the charger in any way if I connect a Battery Life Saver Battery Desulfator for 48V Golf Carts BLS-48N and leave in on all the time? Will that in any way harm the charger?

Thanks again for the great service.


Pete’s answer

Zane – Thank you for your business. Though, I do not believe in those things (Battery Desulfators)… plus always applying amperage to a battery is not good either… If you do I would disconnect the DQ – only because I have never tried to hook one up with the QuiQ charger installed and doing it’s thing. This charger alone should take care of your batteries just fine… and has a low voltage auto charge so just leaving it plugged in will allow the charger to keep your batteries in good health. The best sulfation solution is to just exercise the batteries – charge/discharge on occasion and store fully charged… You could throw in a teaspoon of Epsom salt on each cell once a year will keep the plates clean as a whistle…

Power On…


Expelled acid

Customer question

Pete please help….

Hi i charged my cart with my new charger. Thanks for the fast shipping but the batteries folded expelled acid do i have to change the settings on the charger my batteries are Trojan t-875, 8 volt, 170 ah @ 20hr, 145ah @ 5hr

Pete’s answer

No Worries – You should be fine with the factory setting…These golf cart chargers come pre set for lead acid batteries and your Trojan batteries are well within the settings range. It sounds like the batteries where over filled. Always check the level of the electrolyte after batteries are fully charged and only fill each cell about 1/4 – 3/8 inch above the batteries plates… which leaves about equal distance to the bottom of the cell cap tube.

Pete’s Team

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