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Ezgo Golf Cart Speaker Pods FAQ

EZGO Golf Cart Speaker Pods FAQ

Pete’s Golf Carts is known the world over for helping you power your passion. Whether it be racing a car, boat or motorcycle in a competitive format. Or if you are just the average Joe looking to get the best bang for your buck on a house bank for your cabin cruiser or Rv. Pete has the solution and the products to help fulfill whatever the need. Now in full swing with his latest venture he has been building some of the coolest golf carts ever. From cutting edge lithium battery technology for your golf cart, to golf cart solar charging systems or just totally custom golf carts built on all the major brands like Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha.

Choosing the right speakers

This blog post is going to start covering frequently asked questions concerning customers or golf cart owners alike that are currently looking to either upgrade the stereo system in their golf cart or install a new one.  Basics like: what direction should you go? Traditional stereo systems with a head unit, amps and multiple speakers, or the new style bluetooth sound bars? Hopefully this blog post will be helpful – feel free to post and add questions for Pete to answer in the future.

Golf Cart Speaker Pods Fits EZGO Rxv 2008 and Up
Ezgo RXV 2008 to Current
Golf Cart Speaker Pod Kit EZGO TxT 1994+ WM
Ezgo TxT 1994 to Current
EZGO Golf Cart Speaker Pods FAQ Ezgo Express
New Ezgo Express L4 or L6, S4 or S6

Customer Question

Hello, I have a 2017 Ezgo Express S4. I was looking to put a stereo system on the cart. I wanted something that sounded very good, I wanted to know if you can point me in the right direction. Do I go with a sound bar? Will the sound bar be loud enough?

Or 6″ speakers built in with the pods and 5″ speakers drilled into the back under the seat with amp and head unit? I was looking at your Ezgo golf cart speaker pods you have for $59.99 do they fit the Ezgo Express?

Not sure if you can help


Pete’s Answer

Chris – Good day! Thank you for your interest in our golf carts and accessories. Man, we do offer these speaker pods for old school audiophiles but the Hifonics sound bars are awesome… Bluetooth…  use your iPhone for Pandora and you have a golf cart juke box that is very obnoxious. ​Very straight forward to install. Easy. The sound that they put out is incredible for a soundbar.

I mean It is not the 8-10 speaker stereo system you find in new high end cars but for the golf cart they are plenty loud. I have never had a complaint. We usually install the small one, but a few guys wanted the bigger one just because…

Though to answer your question I think the TxT Pods will work on the Express no problem because the instrument console is the same as the txt they only changed the body style externally. You can tell the difference quite easily in the images above for the Rxv carts and the TxT carts, followed by the current express dash.


Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker by Hifonics 10 Speaker System Installed Graphic WM

Customer Response

Thank you Pete.

How does and where does the hi phonics 10 fit the  easy go express. Would you recommend the six or the 10th and easy go express. Is this something I can install myself or I would need you to do?

What do you charge to install the sound bar


Pete’s Reply

Chris – We usually mount the Hifonics sound bar behind the driver seat on a four passenger or behind the driver and the forward facing passenger seat on a 6 seater. We mount a piece of square stock between the rear roof struts and then hang the sound bar from it. It is a fairly simple install. You will need some basic tools and power drill to drill holes to run wires to 12v power. Other than that it is a pice of cake. No switches, if electric cart you will need to install a voltage reducer, but on a gas cart you can just upgrade to a bigger battery and run direct off or off key switch.  The same work is required for the 6 or 10 speaker system. One is surely louder than the other. How loud you want go is the only question.

If you are local we can do the install it is probably a 2-2.5hr job depending on cart. Our shop rate is 85 per Hr.

So if you are handy with tools could save a little dough.

Want to get speaker pods installed in your golf cart?

Get a speaker pods or sound bar installed on your golf cart at Pete’s workshop in Port St Lucie, FL – get in touch to book your cart in. Or, if you’re handy with tools, install your own by getting the parts delivered.