GTW Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat WM

How Do I Know What Brand Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat is on my Golf Cart?

Customers call us frequently asking the same question? How Do I Know What Brand Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat is on my Golf Cart? Which is a very good question for numerous reasons.

  1. There are many companies that make a golf cart rear flip seat kit for your golf cart.
  2. If you need to buy replacement cushions or seat covers you will need to know what kind you have on your cart.

They are not always cart specific. There are numerous brands of after market golf cart rear seat kits and not all are alike or utilize the same size seat cushions. Approx 15 or 20 companies over the years have manufactured rear seat kits for a golf cart. None of which are the actual manufacturer of the golf cart. Club Car, Ezgo or Yamaha do not really make one. They do sell them and install them at the dealer level but do not make their own. Probably the big brands would be GTW, Madjax, and Rhox.

Take a look

See the images below to help determine what brand rear seat kit you may have.

Madjax Genesis 150 Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat WM 150 Madjax Genesis 250 Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat WM 250 300


Find your specs

If you need to order a rear seat kit you can just go by the specs of your golf cart. Year, Make and Model will ensure you order the correct one. Buy one today!

Just ask

If you want to order replacement seat cushions or custom seat covers and know what you need you can get your new golf cart seat covers today. If you are still in doubt and you do not know the seat kit brand on your cart, please contact us and maybe even snap a few pictures from a few feet at an angle so Pete’s team might be able to determine the seat kit make for you. You can attach via email to or from the contact page. Or you can even text images to 772-247-GOLF and follow it with a text of who you are and what you are looking to purchase.

GTW Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat WM
RHOX SS Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat WM RH SS

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