Project Street Beast II

How To Build a Fast Golf Cart – Project Street Beast II

How To Build a Fast Golf Cart – Project Street Beast II

Project – Street Beast II – AKA Code Named – Ice Cream Go Getter!!!!

The heat it up in South Florida and Pete will not have it if his ice cream melts on the way home from the communities grocery store. So we have set out to build another crazy cart that will get that treasured commodity back to the ranch while still ice cold! Even if that means we will be out running the Law and breaking the speed limit a little to make that happen.

Project begins….

LOL! Just Kidding… But couldn’t help myself… because this is the perfect picture for the definition of where a project would start. Believe it or not someone is gonna restore that classic G1 Yamaha Golf Cart!

Project Street Beast II Begins

Late model trade In…. Club Car Precedent… Stripped and cleaned….


Bones are there the rest is yet to me seen.

How do you build a fast golf cart you ask? LOL! Call Pete or Lawless Engineering Inc.

Collaboration with Pete’s good buddies at Plum Quick Motors lead us down the path to burning rubber and breaking the speed limit yet again….

Pete decides on a easy to install and retrofit. Converting this 48 volt Club Car Golf Cart to 72 volts.

Hence a pallet arrives with 6x Northstar AGM Telecom batteries…. Not a perfect solution but damn sure a good one as they will slide right in the stock battery hold with no modifications. Not to mention the cost comparison of lithium batteries and the charging system they would require. We have been down that road and built a few crazy carts but after the dust settled the budget went out the window and most people are on a budget to go fast.

So here comes the Street Beast II! Stay tuned as we add more pictures and travel down the road to golf cart Narvana!

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How To Build a Fast Golf Cart - Project Street Beast II - A look at how to make your golf cart faster than ice cream melting in the summer heat of south Florida.