How To Reset The OBC On My Club Car Golf Cart

How To Reset The OBC On My Club Car Golf Cart

All Club Car golf carts newer than 1995 have an OBC or ” On Board Computer ” in the charge circuit to monitor and control several functions on the golf cart. The tutorial below explains a little about the OBC, how to reset it after charging problems, and what to do if its completely failed.

The OBC functions like the on off switch on your wall to control the lighting. But in this case it controls the charging and drive system.

Club Car charging problems?

If the OBC detects a problem in either the charging or drive system, it will shut that feature off.

What should happen next!

When the fault clears, the OBC is supposed to turn that system back on.

What if the fault is not cleared?

Sometimes, the OBC does not clear the fault. When this happens, it can cause your charge circuit to not work and allow the charger to charge the batteries, or even the controller to not power up or the solenoid will not engage.

Club Car On Board Computer

The reset process is easy to do, but can take a fair amount of time.

To reset the OBC the following must be done in this order:

  • Key Switch to Off
  • Forward/Reverse to Neutral
  • Tow/Run Switch to Tow
  • Disconnect the Battery NEGATIVE (–) wire from the Battery Minus terminal on the battery pack.
  • Put the Tow/Run to Run
  • Forward/Reverse Switch to Reverse
  • Key Switch to On
  • Lock the throttle pedal down
  • Key Switch to Off
  • Forward/Reverse Switch to Neutral
  • Tow/Run switch to Tow
  • Reconnect the negative battery wire to the battery minus terminal on the battery pack.

Once the OBC has been reset, you can move on to troubleshooting the golf cart and charging system.

There is always a chance the OBC has completely failed and the reset process will not fix the problem. Consult your Club Car manuals or call your local dealer.

Want to purchase a replacement OBC but do not want to pay dealer prices?

Or would you rather bypass the OBC and get another charger? Find a new Club Car golf cart battery charger  and get the OBC bypass kit now.

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