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How Do I Use My New Golf Cart Battery Charger

Lester Summit II Series 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger Crowsfoot Connector

Ok – Today is the day! Your brand new golf cart battery charger arrives from Pete’s Golf Carts. Now what???

Check for damage

First of all if you notice for any reason the box is damaged or looks crushed open it immediately. Make sure the charger is not damaged in any way shape or form.  Plug it in to make sure it works or hook up to your device to check it. If it is damaged due to shipping from UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS we will want to start a claim report and get a new battery charger out to you immediately.

Open carefully

If it’s like 99% of our deliveries – it will arrive one time in good shape ready to perform as advertised. You should open packaging carefully as some chargers come with loose parts and accessories in the box. We don’t want to lose anything that might help with the installation if required or for the safe efficient operation of your new golf cart battery charger.

Easy to use

I will note for the record now that all of the new style chargers whether, 36 volt battery charger or 48 volt battery charger, they are very straight forward and easy to use. All of our golf cart battery chargers are very user friendly. If you have owned a golf cart before now and you are familiar with the charging system nothing has really changed in the past 50 years with how they are attached to the cart. The main thing that has happened with all new style golf cart battery chargers is they are safer because they communicate directly with the OBC on the golf cart. If something is not right the battery charger will not start charging or more specifically it will not start applying amperage to the circuit.

Lester Links Series

The Lester Links Series by Lester Electric does still offer a really high quality OBC Bypass charger for certain golf carts. Though most golf cart manufacturers these days build their carts around an OBC. Computers can help diagnose problems when they arise. Whether it be charging or performance, golf carts today are a lot smarter than they were years ago. With that being said, so are the batteries in your golf cart. So take note – this little tidbit could save you a lot of money…

Check the connections

Investigate under the seat and make sure all connections on your battery system are sound and in good shape. If they are green looking or have a white powder like substance on them they will need to be cleaned and maybe replaced. Corrosion is a bad problem with golf carts because for one most golf cart batteries are of the lead acid variety, and two most golf carts are kept in climates that are humid or near the ocean. Salt water or salt spray coming off the ocean will get into everything. If not weather tight it will wreak havoc with any type of alloy, even aluminum.

All battery terminals are usually made of lead and all connectors are usually lead, zinc plated or copper, which will still corrode as well. A good connection is paramount on every terminal, whether a positive or negative. In order to get a good charge on all batteries they need to be connected to one another and have little or no resistance between connections. This is also true if you want to get the best performance out of your electric motor. If you are experiencing sluggishness with the performance of your golf cart this might be the cause of your problem. If you need new battery cables for your golf cart, we offer affordable golf cart battery cable kits for most golf carts.

Hook up your new charger

If all looks OK under the seat you can proceed with hooking up your new golf cart battery charger to the golf cart. Depending on the make and model of your golf cart battery charger some installation might be required. In reference to the on board variety vs the plug-n-play Lester Links Series Golf Cart Battery chargers. If you purchased a new Delta Q QuiQ Battery charger it will need to be programmed to your specific type of batteries in the device or vehicle if not one of the 10 pre-programmed into the charger. If you purchased from us it should be programmed already if you communicated with us during the checkout process. The New Delta Q iC650 line is pre-programmed as well but you can change the algorithms yourself without a programmer kit.

Check the indicator lights

Once all is said and done the indicator lights on any specific golf cart battery charger should reflect the state of charge or status of charger. If you purchased to older style analog sweep gauge chargers they will show amperage applied. Which over time of charge should decrease as the batteries take a charge. If this does not happen then you need to check your batteries.

More info

If you are still hungry for more information and want to learn more about golf cart battery chargers, continue reading.