We Take a Look at the All New Delta Q IC650 Series Golf Cart Battery Charger

The IC Series battery chargers provide superior reliability in difficult applications not just your average golf cart battery charger. With excellent charge quality for lead acid and lithium-ion batteries it is easy to integrate for any electric drive vehicle or industrial equipment. Key features include IP66-rated sealed enclosure, optional CAN bus communication and USB host port for charge cycle data download and software updates.

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“Programming and software updates made easy!”

Optional – CAN bus communication enables a link between the IC650 and other components. This can provide for safe lithium-ion battery charging, and machine diagnostics and servicing information. IC Series chargers store charge cycle data, which is accessible using their built-in USB host port. The port can also support software and charge profile updates.

For more than just golf carts

The IC650 battery charger has proven itself as a high-performance battery charger for electric pallet jacks, floor care machines, scissor lifts and e-mobility scooters. With the touch of a button, users can switch between charge profiles for lead acid (wet/flooded, sealed AGM or gel) brands or battery chemistry. It can even charge Lithium-ion batteries by connecting it to a battery management system or controller using CAN bus. The IC650’s overall design for reliability ensures that machines are ready to run every day.

Broad AC input range

The All New Delta Q IC650 golf cart battery charger has a broad AC input range of 85-270V, which allows it to operate on any single-phase electrical grid (So the world over it will work properly). Wide regulatory approvals allow the IC650’s use in electric vehicles and industrial equipment sold internationally. All IC650 battery Chargers can be customized with specific AC and DC cables for your application no matter where you live in the world.

Great for golf carts

Are you looking for a new Golf Cart battery charger?  The IC650 is the perfect charger for you. The Delta QIC650 comes in a 36 volt battery charger for the older style golf carts or in a 48 volt battery charger model for newer style carts. All models can be use either on-board or off-board.

Versatile charge profile

Combined with the ability to add a specific charge profile for your lead acid (wet/flooded, AGM, gel) or lithium batteries make the all new Delta Q IC650 one incredibly versatile battery charger. It is designed for onboard or off-board use depending on your personal preference or needs. If durability is a concern for you when selecting your next battery charger you can watch this brief video.  Get a laugh and decide for yourself if a Delta Q charger is right for you.

Delta Q IC650 Battery Charger Specs

 IC650 24 volt Battery Charger Specs 2

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about purchasing this or any battery charger. Pete’s Team is here to help you Power your Passion. Come back to see Pete’s Blog to learn more with his product reviews of popular brands.

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