Who Makes the Best Golf Cart Battery Charger 2019

Who Makes the Best Golf Cart Battery Charger 2019

Who Makes the Best Golf Cart Battery Charger 2019

Now with the new year comes new products and parts from all our favorite manufacturers. One big thing this past year was the FDOE (Department of Energy) mandate on charger manufacturers nationwide. With this new mandate charger manufactures around the world would need to start re-designing and engineering a better one. Efficiency was the big complaint and push from the feds. With all the baby boomers retiring and moving to golf cart communities, they either needed to build 2 more nuclear power plants to charge all these carts overnight, or replace the “100 watt light bulb” old chargers with “LED” new chargers that convert AC power to DC more efficiently. Though with the required re-design some companies made minor adjustments to increase efficiency. Others set out to completely re-design the device and add new features vs just solve the initial complaint and meet requirements for better efficiency.

A New Look At Golf Cart Battery Charger Technology!

With last year behind us and already into full swing in the new year new product releases are the norm. Today we are going to compare a few of the previous winners in this test segment and battery charger challenge. Will compare the best of the best to see who is the real star and we can crown the winner and champion as the Best Golf Cart Battery Charger in 2019.

Leading Contenders – We will re-test and try to put all these chargers thru the paces and put into real world scenarios to see how they stack up. We will rate them not just on battery charging ability, but also on features like, affordability, ease of use, safety standards, versatility and warranty offered.

Last Year’s Champ –  DPI – Accu-Sense Golf Cart Battery Charger

Runner Up – Lester Electrical – Links Series Golf Cart Battery Charger

Top Three –

  1. Delta Q iC Series Chargers (650 Watt Tested Last Year), This year we will add the iC900 and iC1200 models to the mix.
  2. Delta Q 1000 Series Chargers ( 2014 and 2015 Champion )
  3. Dual Pro Battery Charger by Eagle

This Year’s Champ – Lester Electrical Summit Series II

This year we definitely recommend Lester’s newest model, the Summit Series II. It is solid state, completely sealed (IP rated) and comes with an industry best 4 year warranty. Can’t beat it with a stick. Plus it has bluetooth capability so you can connect it to your phone to have more control and monitor it easily. All around a better mousetrap.

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