How To Avoid Motor Damage On Your Electric Golf Cart

Things To Know – How To Avoid Motor Damage On Your New Electric Golf Cart

There are sorts of things to learn and know about your new electric golf cart. How about this one… It is a doosie! How not to blow up or ruin the motor in your electric golf cart. Believe it or not as bullet proof as some of us know an electric golf cart motor to be people never surprise me how they can still destroy on in short order. So being here is another how to article or “Things To Know” about your golf cart.

Basic Do’s and Don’ts For The Electric Golf Cart Owner

This is a quick look guide at the major things you should avoid while operating your electric golf cart. Golf Cart Ownership is another responsibility just like owning a car boat or truck. There are things you need to know, things to maintain and things you just do not attempt to do. Unless ofcourse you have money trees growing in your back yard and just needed the golf cart to go back and forth to get all that money back to the house. If that’s the case  just set aside a handful or three to keep it running and driving properly. For most of us though buying an electric golf cart was a decision we made based on numerous factors – one of which is the super low cost of annual ownership.

Avoid Water

Do not try to drive your golf cart into or thru a puddle you do not know how deep it is. Really I suggest just avoid water at all costs… I mean rain on the road or cart path no worries, but what I am talking about is standing water in your direction of travel. Just avoid it! It will keep your cart cleaner as well.



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