How to Install Your New Battery Watering System From BWT

Congrats – You figured it out! Saving time and money in the garage is always a win win. So today we are going to talk about your new golf cart battery watering system you just purchased and how to install it. Let’s start off by lifting the seat off the golf cart in question and throwing it over the roof. easiest place to get out of your way and keep it from getting dirty or scuffed on the pavement. Now you can either get the hose out and spray off all the dirt and junk on your batteries or wipe off with a rag prior to installing the new watering system. Makes life a little easier as well as keeping it clean while you work. Next you will remove all the battery caps or speed caps from your batteries. Once that is done you can start from left to right or top to bottom and pop in a few of the valves provided in the battery watering system kit. Do not pop all of them in just yet, just two to get a good measurement. Then you will want to measure the distance between the two valves connecting nipples. I usually just eye it up with the tubing in my hand and snip the pieces off with a sharp pair of scissors. You can also start a little assembly line and cut all the pieces joining the valves at once with a good measurement. Count the valves in your system and the required tubing to connect them together. Once you have completed that task look at the lay-out of your battery bank and plan to place the one point connection for the watering system in the middle of the batteries to water. Example – 36 Volt System with 6x 6 volt batteries. The one point connection should fall between the bank of 6. Three batteries to the right and three batteries to the left.