How To Program the New Delta Q IC650 Battery Charger from Delta Q Technologies

How To Program the New IC650 Battery Charger from Delta Q

IC650 Battery Charger Specs 2Everyone is always calling us asking how they can program their Delta Q Battery Charger? The answer is always the same if you have the programmer you can just do this, this and this… (The actual process is discussed in depth in another post you can find on our blog) today we will be talking about the all new Delta Q IC650 Onboard battery charger from Delta Q. Changing the charging profile on a Delta Q Battery charger up until now could be quite annoying we all know if you do not own the programmer and need to change it because you just purchased new batteries or the charger. If you have the Delta Q Programmer CT Kit (pt#900-0089) it is actually fairly simple to program the Delta Q QuiQ charger but you need the kit.  The new design and technology in the IC650 series of golf cart battery chargers and industrial battery chargers for your fork lift or pallet jack, floor buffer or sweeper, Aerial work platform or scissor lift is quite refreshing and incredible at the same time. The new Delta Q IC650 36 volt battery charger, 36 volt battery charger or even the 48 volt battery charger are designed so you can change the charge profile yourself by just following the simple sets set out in the video below. Basically you will only need to unplug the Delta Q IC650 and hold down a button or two for several seconds and you are done. Stay tuned to BatteryPete’s blog to learn more about the batteries and chargers you use.

We hope you found this video and article informative and useful to help you set up your Delta Q IC650 Battery Charger to charge your batteries efficiently with the correct algorithm. Delta Q Technologies has well over a hundred pre-determined battery charging algorithms researched and created inhouse to help insure you get the maximum life out of your battery system no matter the device or application they are installed. To Learn more about Delta Q chargers continue reading.

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