How to Top off The Batteries With Your Golf Cart Battery Watering System Using a Hand Pump

How to Top off The Batteries With Your Golf Cart Battery Watering System Using a Hand Pump

Here are some basic instructions with a illustration of how to top off your battery system with the Pro-Fill Battery Watering System hand pump.

Compatible Systems

(Note – This Hand pump will connect to your Trojan Hydrolink battery watering system as well as your Club Car Golf Cart PD Plus, FlowRite Pro-fill single point watering systems only. Should you need a hand pump for the BWT System “Battery Watering technologies” You will need the blue bulb hand pump found here.)

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Easy to fill, safer

Now if you just installed your new battery watering system you will find that maintaining the electrolyte in your golf cart batteries will be a breeze now that you installed the system. No more hour long job checking and filling each individual battery cell. You will also realize other cost benefits including extended battery life and increased performance. Being able to fill your batteries without removing the cell caps will allow you to avoid things like battery acid burns, ruined clothing, and breathing noxious fumes not to mention staining or ruining the concrete pad in your garage or shed from the overflow and acid that comes from the batteries when not filled properly.

Step-by-step Guide

Remember – Important –  Always check the electrolyte/water in your batteries when they are fully charged.

Step 1 – Insert pump into jug of distilled water! Only use distilled water when filling your batteries.

Step 2 – Prime the bulb by squeezing until full of water from the jug.

Step 3 – Once hand pump bulb is primed remove the dust cover from the end of the fill line on your battery watering system. Mate the two connections.

Step 4 – Squeezing the golf cart battery watering system hand pump with firm steady pressure to pump water into the battery cells.

Step 5 – Continue squeezing/pumping the hand pump until the bulb becomes firm. All battery cells are full once achieved.

Step 6 – Immediately disconnect the connectors between the battery watering system and the hand pump. Then replace the dust cover.

Flow-Rite Pro-Fill Hand Pump How To Illustration

Longer lasting battery

You can finally relax and rest assured with properly watered batteries the battery lasts longer and performs better. The average person does not even know they need to check or fill their golf cart batteries with water til it is to late and they need to buy new batteries. Once they do know they still don’t really know how to do it or how much water should be added and when to do it. You can learn more about proper battery maintenance here.

The problems of overfilling

One of the biggest problems is overfilling a battery. This results in loss of acid or technically speaking changes the specific gravity of the electrolyte(acid) in the battery and once this occurs you can damage the battery plates when charging. Either way it equals loss of capacity and life expectancy of your batteries.

Why a watering system is good

A golf cart battery watering system takes the guess work out of this task and insures your batteries get filled properly and to the specific level every time. In minutes… Continue reading here if you want to learn more about a battery watering system or order yours today.


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