Shock Absorbers

If you are looking for a new set of golf cart shock absorbers you have found the right place. Pete’s offers a wide selection of replacement and after market parts and accessories for all major brand golf carts. So if your original golf cart shocks have let you down don’t let it get to you.

Get what you need and get back on the road or course. It is always smooth sailing with Pete’s Free Freight Policy. When you buy your parts from Pete all ORDERS OVER $99 BUCKS SHIP FREE! So whether you need a new shock, lift kit or complete new suspension system. Pete has what you need… for less!

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Pete's Range of Shock Absorbers

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Additional Information

Why Get New Golf Cart Shocks?

Most people customize their golf carts with added extras like seats or utility beds, so replacing the shock absorbers is often a must to handle the extra weight and keep your golf cart ride smooth and comfortable.

Pete says….

Replacing your golf cart shocks is not a big deal or a complicated task.

You will be glad you did once you are back on the road and you can feel the difference in the ride.

Yamaha Carts feel the benefit from new shock absorbers

Yamaha Golf Carts especially benefit from new shocks because the cart is designed differently from the Club Car or Ezgo shocks and this suspension system tends to wear out faster – as do the run coil overs in the rear – without the leaf springs you find in the Club Cars and Ezgo.

If you have a Yamaha cart, and your ride is “saggy” you may find new life by replacing the shocks.

Uprate your shocks if you add a rear seat or Utility Bed

If you put a utility bed or rear seat kit on your Yamaha Drive you will definitely need to replace the rear shocks to accommodate all the additional weight you will be moving – because the cart was not designed or built to support this extra weight.

Want advice on golf cart shocks?

If you’d like help choosing your new shocks – get in touch with the Pete’s Golf Cart Team.