Buying A Golf Cart Body Kit

Buying A Golf Cart Body Kit

If you are in the market for buying a golf cart body kit Pete’s Golf Carts probably has just what you are looking for to give your cart a whole new look.

The options

As you probably know by now – There are all sorts of options and golf cart body kits on the market today. So: “what is what?”, you say. Pete has been going the golf cart thing for sometime and he is no stranger to building something custom. Boats, cars, motorcycles and trucks, Pete has build a little of everything over the years.Though with a golf cart it is really very simple in concept and components yet nobody has got it right until now. All of the golf cart body kits on the market until now required a professional to do the install – and a professional paint and body guy to clean up the terrible body work found on some of these kits. Even Pete builds a few really cool carts from in house golf cart body kits they have designed.

Popular choices

An ultra cool 1966 Shelby Cobra body and an even better seller is the C2 Corvette Golf Cart Body. But they cannot just be shipped through the mail, common carrier, to your door and installed on your golf cart in the garage in an afternoon. No Way! They require a coordinated effort from Pete’s team of professionals.

New Cadillac Like Golf Cart Body Kit by RChamp

But, the all new golf cart body kit by RChamp is something totally different. This new Cadillac-like style golf cart body kit comes with everything Pete’s team needs to build a cool custom golf cart or you, the do-it-yourself-er.

RChamp Golf Cart Body Kit Blue

Checkout this new body kit here.

Full Kit

This All New Kit comes with Headlights and Taillights, Turn signals, Horn, Voltage reducer, Wiring harness, body panels and all the required fasteners to get the job done. Hands down Pete says this is the best darn golf cart body kit on the market right now.

Add some sparkle

This golf cart body really pops in the sun because the made from ABS plastic with the color of your choice molded into the plastic but added a little glitter to make it really sparkle. Plus, because they add the color this way it makes for a beautiful scratch resistant finish.

Build at home and save

Not to mention the affordability for such a beautiful looking body style and complete DIY kit – it is a slam dunk. Pete, as we mentioned, offers other golf cart kits but they need to be installed by his team in-house and they are usually $3000 dollar and up builds with your cart.

These RChamp body kits are cut and dried – Complete! You can build it at your house for a change.

Get yours today is now stocking these just for that reason. Purchase one today and save on shipping. Pete is offering this kit for $1349.00 with Free Shipping for a limited time. So save a few hundred bucks while you can and put that towards a awesome new Tire and Wheel package to make your new Cadillac style body kit look absolutely awesome.

Order yours today and SAVE BIG!!!!

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