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What is the voltage of the battery system in my golf cart?

This is a common question that you will need to have the answer before you can determine what is the correct battery charger for your golf cart. The easiest way to figure it out is to go take a look at the your golf cart.You will find the battery bank for your golf cart directly under the drivers seat. In some cases the battery system is quite large and will most likely be continued under the front nose cone area of popular carts like Gem cars or other 4 or more passenger golf carts. The bigger the cart the more batteries the cart will usually have to power the larger engine required to propel the extra passengers.EZGO Golf Cart-Battery Bank-Ok, so you pull the seat back and what do you see? Her is an example of a popular golf cart. This picture is of a older style club car with a 36 volt battery system. Which is easily determined because you will count (6) six batteries. Each battery has a total of (3) three fill holes (also called cells) Each hole or cell will have a value of 2 volts. So in this case we will know that these batteries are 6 volt batteries. Hence – 6x 6 volt battery = 36 volt system.This simple equation will work with any golf cart or even other older style EV or electric vehicles operating on traditional lead acid batteries.Here is another example to make sure you got it.How many volts are found in this battery system found in a late model motor coach waiting for new batteries to be installed?Original Battery Bank - 6volt Golf Cart Batteries- BatteryPeteAgain 1,2,3 = 6 volts (2 volts x 3)1,2,3,4,5,6 = 6 volts batteries = 36 volts total (6 volts x 6 batteries)Hey, You are getting good at this! Her is one more for you.Our shop cart has 4 batteries under the seat but each battery has (6) six filler holes or cells on each battery. Would this be a 48 volt system?Yes, It is a 48 volt system because you have 6 cells per battery and you have 4 batteries. (6 cells x 2 volts = 12 volts)  (4 x 12 volt batteries = 48 volts)if you would like to learn more about your golf cart battery system maybe you would like to read about doing a Battery installation performed by BatteryPete on a EZGO Medalist Golf CartIf you found this article helpful or would like to give us some feedback – leave a comment.

 Golf Cart Batteries Discharge Rates

Golf Cart Batteries Discharge Rates - Load TestingWhy does my golf cart battery charger need to stay connected to my golf cart battery bank when not in use for extended periods of time?)  It all starts with the chemistry of your batteries.  Almost all golf carts come from the manufacturer with cheap batteries.  Or at least cheap reliable chemistry.  Batteries can be very expensive depending on the chemistry and anatomy of the specific battery in question.  Usually when we come across golf cart batteries and the golf carts themselves they are all ran on lead acid type batteries.  These batteries are configured within the golf cart’s frame rails and depending on the type of motor they are running you could see between (4) four and (8) eight batteries.  These batteries will make up either a 36 volt battery system or a 48 volt battery system.  Examples:  (6) six 6 volt batteries could be found in a 36 volt golf cart.  Or (4) 12 volt batteries could be found in a 48 volt golf cart or even (6) 8 volt batteries could be found in a 48 volt system.Another quick way to determine what the voltage is of the batteries in your golf cart is to just count the caps on top of the battery.  In some instances they will have a quick release car that covers all the cells filler holes.  Either way count the caps or the holes that are being covered by one.  (Each cell is 2 volts.) Then just multiply that number by the number of batteries found in you golf cart or application.  Usually the number of batteries or the power in each golf cart battery bank is going to be determined by the golf cart batteries’ discharge rates from the electric motor or accessories running off of it.  Example – Stereo, Lights, Cooling fans, etc…So now that we know that our golf cart is running on lead acid batteries, let me explain why you need to keep you golf cart batteries fully charged and why certain battery chargers are best for your golf cart.  Lead acid batteries are very affordable in comparison to AGM Batteries or lithium batteries.   This is based on the internal elements and chemistry that make up the battery.  Lithium batteries will last 10x as long as traditional lead acid batteries and have less than .01% discharge rates in static situations. (This is why they usually cost 10x as much.)Another form of chemistry found in golf cart batteries on occasion is a AGM battery, which usually on average lasts 3x as long  and have about a .030 discharge rate monthly if not charged or used often enough.  They usually will cost 3x as much as the traditional lead acid batteries.   As for your battery – a traditional lead acid battery – they are tried and tested products that get the job done.   Though these types of batteries lose about 10% of their charge a month if they sit  with out a charger on them. That is without a load on them – If your electrical system is applying a load in anyway that number could be drastically larger.  So  we need to make sure the charger is operating properly and completely.  Also note that your golf cart batteries discharge rates will be affected by usage and the type of motor you are running within the cart. If you would like to learn more about your golf cart or the batteries it operates on continue readingPlease leave comments if this article was helpful.

Club Car Battery Charger at Wholesale Prices

The Best Golf Cart Battery ChargerIf you are an avid golfer, you will want to familiarize yourself with the Lester Electric Link Series club car battery charger. The Lester Links series golf cart battery charger is the best golf cart battery charger for your club car. Lester Electric has been manufacturing battery chargers for decades now and is one of the only manufactures that offer a 2 year limited warranty on all of their products and battery chargers. Not to mention they are made in the good ole’ US of A. High quality at an affordable price point.There may be a time when you need to use the charger on your cart, and you want to be sure it is operating correctly. There are some things that you can do as a golf cart owner that will help prolong the life of your batteries and your battery charger. A new golf cart will need to be charged about 20 to 50 times before they reach their full potential. You will shorten the carts battery life if you run them way down. Battery D.O.D. “Depth of discharge” is a topic we will cover in another post soon under technical information. It is very  important that you familiarize yourself with proper battery maintenance.The ChargerGolf carts run on deep-cycle batteries, which gives your cart a steady current of power. In order to charge the batteries, you will need to plug it into an outlet. Ensure that you choose the correct voltage outlet, as this could cause damage to the cart.  Once the charger is plugged in, you will notice it turning on about 2 to 5 seconds later. Once the charge is complete, it will turn off. At this point, you can unplug the cart. There is no shut off switch for the charger. Ensure your cart is fully charged before you use it. This is especially true if the cart is new.Here are a few things you want to be sure to do when using a battery charger.
  • Every Use – You will need to charge your golf cart batteries after every use. This is even true if you used the cart for 10 minutes. Keep the batteries at a full charge, as this will prolong their life.
  • No Charge – DO not use your golf cart until there is no battery charge left in it. The indicator light will let you know when your batteries are getting low. At this point, you want to get your cart plugged in. Allowing the batteries to run so low that the indicator light comes on will shorten the life of your batteries. Once the batteries are running this low, it may be difficult for them to hold a charge, or even recharge. Deep-cycle batteries need to have a bit of charge left for them to charge efficiently.
Understanding Your Golf Carts BatteriesIt is important that you familiarize yourself with your golf cart’s battery system. This will save you a lot of time and money. Know how long your battery will run before it needs to be charged. This can help deter a lot of issues, such as shortening the battery life.In many cases, batteries will get to the point where they will not recharge, this is when you will need to replace them. One weak battery, can hinder all the rest of your strong batteries from working efficiently. Just as well one should not replace just one in this case, but replace the complete set because it can have an adverse effect on the system. You can feel good about it as well, not only are you using clean energy to propel you around the neighborhood or the golf course but lead acid batteries like the ones found in your golf cart are the only true recycling success story in our country. 99.9% of all lead acid batteries are recycled and used to make new batteries. These does not mean that you should not test your batteries regularly. This is an important step to make sure you get the expected cycle life out of them. You can do so by testing the specific gravity of the electrolyte in the battery cells (Others will refer to as the water), this is not usually necessary until they are a few years old and you have topped the batteries off with distilled water. “Only use distilled water to do so”, because after several top offs the battery acid /electrolyte solution will have become watered down per se. You will want to make sure the battery cells are flooded enough to cover the tops of the lead plates that are within each cell of your battery. You will find 3 holes in a 6 volt battery, 4 holes in a 8 volt battery, and 6 holes in a 12 volt battery. This will also help you determine what your golf carts operating voltage is just in case you need new parts or even a new battery charger.Using this basic knowledge will keep your Club Car and your Club Car Battery Charger running efficiently and safely. If you want to keep learning more just keep reading here.Also in BatteryPete’s Blog you will find other useful articles of interest about the following topics.Who has “The Best Golf Cart Battery Charger”The New Lester Electric Links SeriesWhat is a Golf Cart Battery ChargerHow do I use my New Golf Cart Battery Charger36 volt Club Car Battery Charger