Golf Cart Tires Pricing Levels & Options

PETESGOLFCARTS breaks down our tire class system we use to build our low profile wheel and tire packages.

Here at PETESGOLFCARTS we are focused on getting the best golf cart tires and wheels into the hands of our customers quickly and safely!

In order for you to receive your brand new golf cart wheels and tires quickly, with minimal handling by the carriers, and to keep things moving smoothly on our end we have classified our golf cart tires that you can choose from on our wheel and tire listings!

STANDARD Golf Cart Tires – Our standard class of golf cart tires is the most widely purchased due to the attractive price point. All of the golf cart tires in this class are going to be DOT approved (Department of Transportation) and carry an ample load rating for the majority of golf cart owners. These tires will have a 4-ply rating (bias construction) and will have a non-directional tread design. Tires included in this class are:

  • Arisun Cruze
  • Excel Golf Pro II
  • Excel Endura
  • Excel Classic
  • Deli Street
  • GF02 Forerunner
  • LSI Elite
  • WANDA P825 (WDT)

PREMIUM Golf Cart Tires – Our premium golf cart tires are all 4-ply and feature a variety of treads designs – most of which are non-directional. Like the standard class, all tire options will be DOT approved and be tested for an ample load rating. This collection flexes top tier golf cart tire brands such as GTW, Kenda, and ITP. Tires in our premium class include:

  • Arisun X-Sport
  • Deli Radial Tires
  • GTW Mamba
  • Innova Driver
  • ITP Ultra GT
  • Kenda Pro Tour K399
  • WANDA P820 (Directional Tread Pattern)

PRIME+ Golf Cart Tires – Our prime+ class of golf cart tires is for the avid golf cart enthusiast – the owner who drives a LOT and needs a tire that will hold up for the (extra) long hall. Prime+ golf cart tires are everything you see in the premium tire class and then some. The radial or steel belted radial (SBR) are going to give you the smoothest, most automobile-like ride that you can get in the golf cart sector. Of course the tires in this class are all DOT approved with impressive load ratings. Tires included in this class are:

  • Kenda Pro Tour K399 Radial
  • RHOX Road Hawk Steel Belted Radial
  • WANDA Steel Belted Radial (SBR)

***DISCLAIMER*** Regardless of the class you select or the tire that comes in your golf cart wheel and tire combo, proper golf cart alignment needs to be performed any time you removing and re-installing wheels and tires on your cart. A golf cart that is not properly aligned will destroy the most expensive of front tires just the same as it would the least expensive of tires.

The classifications of DOT Low Profile Golf Cart Tires above exist simply because the large majority of the golf cart community is more focused on the aluminum wheel design specifically than the tire itself. Believe it or not, the actual rubber tire is often an afterthought for many golf cart owners – meaning you don’t care as long as it the same application (street, off road, golf course), provides a nice ride, and is the correct size. The customer typically doesn’t have as much a preference on the rubber as much as they are targeting that specific wheel design or finish.

We are always happy to match up a specific wheel with the exact tire you are looking for! There are a great number of customers who do in fact care specifically about the tires they – whether it be the tire brand, construction, or load rating.

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