how wide is a golf cart ?

How Wide Is a Golf Cart?

magine the frustration of excitedly arriving at the golf course with your brand-new trailer, only to realize your golf cart doesn’t fit inside. Ouch!

Understanding your golf cart’s dimensions goes far beyond just navigating the course. It impacts how you store it, transport it, and even maneuver those tricky spots near hazards or clubhouse parking.

Golf cart sizes generally follow a standard, but there are variations depending on the number of seats, brand, and any customizations. Let’s dive into the essential measurements and how they impact your golf cart experience.

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Standard Golf Cart Dimensions

Golf Cart Sizes at a Glance:

Type Length (inches) Width (inches) Height (inches)

Key Dimensions:

  • Ground Clearance: The distance between the underside of the cart and the ground is important for traversing rough patches or raised curbs. Most golf carts have a few inches of ground clearance.
  • Wheelbase: This measurement, taken between the centers of the front and rear wheels, affects the cart’s stability and turning ability. A shorter wheelbase will provide a tighter turning radius.
  • Turning Radius: Imagine drawing the smallest circle your cart can make; that’s its turning radius. This is vital for navigating narrow paths or tight parking spots.

Beyond The Basics

  • Lifted & Customized Carts: Adding a lift kit to your golf cart will significantly increase its height and sometimes slightly affect its width. Enclosures, roofs, and other accessories can also impact the overall dimensions. Don’t forget that the cart’s weight capacity is crucial – adding customizations may put you closer to the maximum safe weight.
  • Brand Variations: Popular brands like Yamaha, E-Z-GO, and Club Car follow the standard sizing for the most part but may have minor differences in overall length or features that slightly impact dimensions. For precise specifications, it’s always recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s website. [Optional: We can create a comprehensive chart comparing popular brands and models].
  • “Will This Fit?” Scenarios:
    • Shed Storage: Before purchasing a golf cart, measure the width and height of your shed or garage doorway Don’t forget to allow extra space for maneuvering inside!
    • Trailer Transport: Most golf carts will fit into standard-sized pickup truck beds with the tailgate down. Always secure your cart with heavy-duty straps for safe transport.

Your Golf Cart Sizing Checklist

golf cart dimensions
  • Measuring Guide: If you need to measure an existing golf cart, here’s how to get accurate numbers:

    • Length: Measure from the very front of the cart to the furthest point at the back.
    • Width: Measure the widest point across the body of the cart, usually encompassing the wheels.
    • Height: With the cart on level ground, measure from the ground to the highest point (likely the roof).
  • Before You Buy/Rent: Think about your specific needs and ask these questions:

    • How many passengers do I typically carry? This dictates the ideal cart size.
    • Where will I store it? Measure your garage, shed, or storage space carefully beforehand.
    • Do I plan to transport it often? Check your vehicle’s towing capacity and trailer dimensions.
  • Customization Considerations: While adding accessories is fun, remember they can affect dimensions:

    • Lifts and oversized tires: Add height and possibly a bit of width.
    • Extended roofs and enclosures: Add a few inches here and there.
    • Cargo racks and baskets: May extend beyond the cart’s standard footprint.

Golf Cart Size Myths: Busted!

  • Myth 1: “All golf carts are basically the same size.”
    • Bust: Explain that seat numbers, brands, and modifications all create variations in length, width, and height.
  • Myth 2: “My golf cart will easily fit in the back of my truck.”
    • Bust: While many carts fit, it depends on truck bed size, tailgate, and the cart’s dimensions. Emphasize the importance of measuring beforehand.
  • Myth 3: “Adding a lift kit doesn’t really change anything.”
    • Bust: Lifts add significant height, which could impact storage or even hitting low-hanging branches on the course.

wrapping up

Standard golf carts generally measure around 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 5-6 feet tall. Remember that these are averages, and factors like seating capacity, brand, and modifications can change the specifics.

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