Yamaha Drive2 6″ Spindle Lift Kit – IRS Axle | Jake’s®

$ 458.95

Small rectangle color Jake's lift kits logo.This Jake’s® 6″ Spindle Lift Kit will accommodate up to 23″ tall wheel and tire combos on your gas model 2017 and Newer Yamaha Drive2 with Independent Rear Suspension. FREE SHIPPING over $99!


Yamaha Drive2 6″ Spindle Lift Kit by Jake’s® (for GAS models with Independent Rear Suspension design)

This Jake’s Yamaha Drive2 6″ Spindle Lift Kit is compatible with independent rear suspension models of the Yamaha Drive2 gas model golf carts only. Engineered with the installer in mind, this spindle replacement design reduces installation time compared to an a-arm style lift kit. High quality construction and powder coated finish make this an attractive addition for your cart as well. Ultimately, elevate the performance and style of your Yamaha Drive2 with this Jake’s Drive2 6″ Spindle Lift Kit. Jake’s builds lift kits to last, and this one is no exception. Buy with confidence knowing that Jake’s lift kits not only improve the look and value of your ride, but last for years with a black powder coated finish for protection against the elements.

Drive2 6″ Spindle Lift Kit 7425 Fitment:

  • Fits 2017-Up Yamaha Drive2 Gas models ONLY with factory Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)

Drive2 6″ Spindle Lift Kit 7425 Features:

  • Provides a 6″ Lift with clearance for up to 23″ tires
  • Faster installation times compared to most A-Arm style lift kit
  • Features a new textured black powder coating and cast from ductile iron, 3X stronger than gray iron which gives superior strength compared to welded spindle kits
  • Bolt-on design – No Drilling required! (see addendum below for some modifications on 2020 and newer model years)
  • This lift kit is built to last with heavy duty construction and durable, corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Easy Installation: With our comprehensive installation instructions and included hardware, installing the lift kit is a breeze. You’ll be back on the road or trail in no time.
  • Install larger tires & wheels. This Jake’s lift kit works seamlessly with up to 23” Tires allowing for an increased ride height. *Trimming is required in the rocker panel for tires larger than 23”+
  • Shop Lifted Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

Tech Tips:

  • Minimum Wheel Size: 12″
  • Recommended Minimum Tire Size: 21″ O.D. / Maximum 23” O.D.
  • We recommend the Front Counterweight Kit with this lift kit to help increase front steering stability – #16-058 (*sold separately)

Please Note: We recommend installing this lift kit with the Front Counterweight Kit (30lbs) Item #16-058. Additionally, a bolt-on skid plate is available for added protection to the rear axle, Item #7339.

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