Golf Cart Chargers

battery chargers are what keeps your cart running. Without this essential component your golf cart is useless, so do not settle for inferior quality products. Buy the best at great prices…. Pete’s Golf Carts only offers quality products at fair prices. We sell the complete line of Delta Q and Lester Electrical Battery Chargers.  Pete gives you an overview of the Delta Q Battery Chargers in one of his blog posts.

Club Car Battery Charger - 48 volt 13 amp
48 volt Club Car Charger
with 3 pin connector
Delta Q QuiQ Golf Cart Charger 48v 48 volt 18 amp with eyelet terminal connectors
Delta Q Onboard Battery Charger.

If you order a Delta Q, these cutting edge chargers will be programmed at the warehouse to match your particular brand of batteries before it’s shipped to you.  That way if your battery charges better with a constant load, higher or lower amperage, etc, your charger will perform to better suit your equipment.  If it’s not specified, we may contact you to double check your battery system.  You also need to make sure you order the right connector for your cart so you get the right one the first time.  We usually call to double check, so if you’re positive about what you need and don’t have any further questions, leave us a note to go ahead and process without calling.

If you have any questions, give us a call at (772)-247-4653 or email us to go over your specific setup so you can be confident you’ll get the right one the first time.