EPS Star Car Charger – 36/48 Volt – Round 3-Pin Connector

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Made in the United States of America! Small color USA Made in America flag.


36V & 48V – EPS Star Car Charger – Round 3-Pin Connector – PRO Charging Systems

Eagle Performance Series (EPS) PROVolt® chargers are the most advanced battery charging products manufactured today. The Eagle Performance Series (EPS) chargers come in a wide range of voltage and amperage configurations, form factors, and connectors to serve many segments of the market. This EPS 36V Star Car charger is designed for all 36-volt and 48-volt Star models using EPS’s AutoVoltage detections system.

Batteries and battery chargers are systems that should work together to provide optimal performance for their users. When either the battery or the charger under performs the result is reduced productivity, and less time on the golf course or community streets. Whether at work or play, Pro Charging Systems Eagle Performance Series chargers extend run time and battery life to help you stay on the course, campgrounds, or streets longer than ever!

This 15 Amp EPS PROVolt intelligent golf cart battery charger is perfect for your lead acid golf cart batteries. Designed to be used on any 36 or 48 volt Star golf cart battery system that uses the Round 3-Pin plug and charging port. (Please note that while this plug looks similar to a Club Car round 3-pin, they are not interchangeable) The Intelligent Microprocessor Controlled Multi-Stage Charge Algorithm is designed for various Lead Acid Battery designs used in EV applications. PRO Charging Systems has been manufacturing battery chargers of all shapes and sizes right here in the USA for decades. This Heavy Duty Star Car golf cart battery charger has a weatherized construction that is durable and ensures reliability.


  • 2 Year Warranty!
  • Easy Installation!
  • “Plug ‘N Play” Technology
  • Unmatched Performance, Reliability, Safety and Quality
  • Exclusive Temperature Compensation
  • Fully Automatic with Float Maintenance
  • Reverse Polarity Spark Free Operation
  • Exclusive On-board Diagnostics
  • Fan Cooled
  • High Visibility, Easy to Read Charge Indicators
  • PROVolt™ — Intuitive 5 Stage Charge Technology with Advanced Charging Algorithms
  • Compatible with Pro Charging Systems Battery Fuel Gauges
  • Wireless connectivity via a PROView Link™ App – Always Know Battery Status
  • Use with Lead Acid and AGM Batteries
  • Both Portable and On-board Cases are Available to Fit Different Applications
  • AutoVoltage Detection
  • Interchangeable Cable Connectors – Allows the same charger to be used for different applications by easily changing the connector cable.


Who is Pro Charging Systems? Great question! Watch Fox Business News’ feature on the La Vergne, Tennessee based company.

Please feel free to contact us at (772) 247-GOLF should you have any questions or if you are having technical problems placing your order. Pete’s Team is standing by to help you! For business accounts and multiple qty orders please call for pricing.

Additional Information:

The Pro Charging Systems Eagle Performance Auto Detect 36/48 Volt 15 amp charger is an auto-sensing portable smart golf cart charger. The charger automatically detects proper voltage and charges accordingly! The Pro Charging System 36/48 features DeltaVolt charging technology quickly returns depleted energy to the batteries giving you more runtime and extends the life of the batteries. This unit ships with a 7 foot Star Cart charging cable that is compatibile with all 36-volt and 48-volt Star Cars. Furthermore, the Pro Charging Systems AutoDetect is a versatile charger that ships with an SB50 connector integrated in the rear of the housing. This flexibility allows the customer to use this Eagle Charger on over a dozen or more different cart types. OTHER DC CABLES SOLD SEPARATELY.

The charger has LED indicators located on the front panel which signal the charging status: Charging, Charging Complete, or a Blinking Charging Fault. Once the battery pack has reached “full charge” the Eagle Series Charger goes into a maintenance mode. Should the batteries discharge (parasitic load and / or normal discharge over time), the Pro Charging Systems Charger automatically reactivates the charge circuit and to bring the batteries back to 100% charge. In essence, the unit is a battery maintainer as well as a charger! The Pro Charging Systems charger uses a proprietary method of adjusting charge algorithm to compensate for temperature thus improving battery charge quality and safety. For Wet Cell or AGM batteries. Finally, this is FULLY REPAIRABLE charger. No need to throw away another charger in the field! Two Year Warranty!

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 × 8.38 × 9.75 in

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Chuck Demorse
Great charger

It took awhile to find a charger that would work on my Star EV golf cart. Very pleased with my new charger. Thanks to the team for going the extra mile for me! Highly recommend Pete’s!!!!