Complete Lithium Golf Cart Battery Conversion Kits

Lithium Golf Cart Battery Conversion Kits and Installation Tips

Pete finally has found a quality solution for your power needs. Lithium Golf Cart batteries are here. No more maintenance and issues with trying to keep your old lead acid batteries charged. Time to go fast and just enjoy your toy.

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Pete has comprised basic kits for all the popular golf cart makes and models. Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha. Centered around affordability and his good, better , best philosophy to repairs or modifications for your golf cart. Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting new chapter in golf cart ownership. Finally – Lithium Golf Cart Batteries – Wow…. I still cannot believe it myself. This is such a game changer for the average or not so average golf cart owner. I wanted to do this mod myself 10 years ago. Knowing the benefits of lithium batteries in general and the service life and zero maintenance aspect made it a no brainer – even for a guy like me. But the prices have always been like stupid crazy high to convert. First time I pursued the idea it was gonna cost me like 10-12k to get them. I was in shock and nixed the idea. Then about 4 years ago a buddy of mine rolled up in a new Ezgo with Lithium and I said wow finally! So I looked into the idea again – but unless I wanted to buy the new Ezgo cart it was still quite expensive to do the swap like 6500 bucks. A lot less then the first attempt but still a little outside of my budget – heck I probably did not have that much into the whole cart now but I love my golf cart. I have just got it to the point I am happy with the looks and performance ( with a fresh charge ) we made extensive modifications to the carts suspension and drivetrain. Things like high speed DC to AC motor kit with 600 Amp controller, lift kit, added custom tires/wheels, seats, paint and graphics from Pete’s, bluetooth speakers, I am sure I am forgetting things here as well but you get my point. Just for the sake of the batteries I did not want to give up my cart or trade for a newer ugly looking one. I just want to put the Lithium golf cart batteries in my cart. That’s why I am so excited because now I can. When they talked to me the other day about it – I was the first to jump at the idea to write about it and get my name in the hat to get the mod done at the shop asap.

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Lithium Golf Cart Battery Conversion Kits and Installation Tips