Seat Kit Accessories

Ok You finally got that rear seat kit for your golf cart. You went out on a double date with your neighbors to the local burger joint but dang if they do not have a place to put their drinks. June your neighbors wife said this would be great if it had some kind of an arm rest – or…. an arm rest with a cup holder. Now that would be perfect. Well wish no more – Pete has you covered with all sorts of useful golf cart rear seat accessories. Heck we even have a tow hitch set up with a 2″ receiver to pull that BBQ grill down to the beach on Saturdays.

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Pete's Range of Seat Kit Accessories

Showing 1–16 of 61 results

Additional Information

The accessories in this section are where your golf cart really begins to become your own… its where things start to get really useful – because you can attach the things you want to your golf cart.

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