Golf Cart Battery Cables 36 Volt Club Car DS Heavy Duty 4 AWG

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This is a Heavy Duty 4 AWG Golf Cart Battery Cable Set  – plug -n-play – for Club Car 36 volt DS models. This Kit includes 4 gauge pre-cut cables to OEM length – fully assembled with lugs. Pete offers replacement golf cart battery cables for all major makes and models.

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Golf Cart Battery Cables 36 Volt Club Car DS Heavy Duty 4 AWG 

This is the complete Golf Cart Battery Cable Set  – plug -n-play – for Club Car 36 volt DS models. This Kit includes pre-cut 4 AWG Heavy Duty cables to OEM length. Includes (5) 12″ battery cables – fully assembled with lugs. Measure the length of the cable you need before ordering to make sure you have the correct length golf cart battery cable.

Golf Cart Battery Cables - Kit-36v-DS-1981 and upIf you notice your original golf cart cable is cracked or showing exposed wire during your usual inspections they should be replaced immediately. If your connectors are showing signs of corrosion they should be cleaned and protected immediately with a product like Quick Cable corrosion block. Or any other anti-corrosive spray or lubricant. Electricity will always take the path of least resistance. So in order to protect against any issues that could damage your golf carts internal electrical system or even fry your OBC “on board computer” make sure you have clean connections – corrosion free – and no exposed wires or terminals that could short out against something. Like the bottom of your seat or the seat hinges.

BatteryPete offers replacement golf cart cables for any make and model golf cart. Whether it is a individual jumper wire lead, a complete set of golf cart battery cables, or terminal ends. All of BatteryPete’s Cables and Connectors are manufactured and assembled here in the good ole’ US of A! If you need a specific cable length or terminal end you can even call Pete with your specifications. We can make custom golf cart cable just for your cart or project.

Feel free to contact us directly should you have any questions or if you are not sure of your golf carts make or model. The BatteryPete Team is here to help you solve your problem and answer any questions related to you purchase. You can contact us at (954) 675-4068 or (772) 444-2280

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