Gas Cap with Fuel Gauge, Fits Columbia / Harley Davidson/ Yamaha / More

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Golf Cart Gas Cap with Fuel Gauge

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Golf Cart Gas Cap with Fuel Gauge

This Golf Cart Gas Cap with built in gas gauge will fit any other golf cart with a standard filler neck of 1 1/4″ and a gas tank depth of at least 13 1/4″ Inches deep.

This golf cart fuel cap covers the fuel opening to prevent leakage of fuel or tampering with the fuel entry area. The gauge indicates fuel levels accurately so you can stay on the go. Pete ensures all of his golf cart gas caps are made from top quality materials. You can easily measure the depth of your gas tank with any basic tape measure to make sure this gas cap gauge will work in your application.

Fits many golf carts including:

  • Yamaha G16, G20, G22, G27 models golf carts 1996 to 2006
  • Columbia and Harley Davison 1975-1995
  • Any golf cart with a gas tank at least 13 1/4″ deep (please measure with a tape measure before ordering)

Should you have any questions call us today! Pete’s team is always standing by to help you. (772) 247-GOLF

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