What Model Year Is My Ezgo Golf Cart

What Year Is My Ezgo Golf Cart? How Do I Find Out About It? So you own a Ezgo golf cart do ya… Terrific! These are great little golf carts made right here in the good ole US of A. Ezgo was started by two brothers from Augusta, Georgia in the 1950’s, Billy and Beverly “Bev” […]

What Model and What Year is My Yamaha Golf Cart

If you are trying to determine what year is your Yamaha golf cart? You will first need to find the golf carts identification plate or sticker or have the vehicles serial number and date code. Usually found under the seat, under the driver side glove box area or on the chassis towards the rear of […]

How To Lower My Golf Cart Top To Reduce Overall Vehicle Height

Looking for a solution to get your customized lifted golf cart into that enclosed trailer of yours? Or does it not even fit in the garage? Pete has just the solution. Pete’s Golf Carts now offers the perfect kit to do just that. His Golf Cart Top Lowering Kits are great for the DIY guy […]

Why You Should Buy The Original GEM Car Battery Comparison

GEM Car Battery Comparison – Why Should You Only Use Gel Batteries In Your GEM This topic is a frequently ask one and figured we should lay out the facts in an article for our GEM owners out their and potential owners considering the purchase of a GEM car. Being the GEM car is an […]

How To Install Your New Custom Golf Cart Seat Covers

Alright Let’s Get Started…. You just purchased some new custom golf cart seat covers because your old golf cart seats are looking pretty rough. Plus the neighbor just brought home a new custom golf cart and his had some really cool golf cart seats. So you know you need to replace them anyhow though the […]

How to Install Your New Battery Watering System From BWT

Congrats – You figured it out! Saving time and money in the garage is always a win win. So today we are going to talk about your new golf cart battery watering system you just purchased and how to install it. Let’s start off by lifting the seat off the golf cart in question and […]

The Benefits of a Battery Watering System for Your Golf Cart

Is a Golf Cart Battery Watering System Something You Really Need? Did you just purchase a new electric golf cart? Do you know what is involved in taking care of your new toys power supply/battery bank? If not this series of articles will help you learn more about how to take care of them and […]

How to Find and Set Correct Charging Algorithm or Mode for the DPI Accusense Golf Cart Battery Charger

You will find below a quick How To Guide to find and correctly set the charge MODE for your new DPI (Diversified Power International) Gen IV Accusense golf cart battery charger. This Mode select feature allows for fine tuning charger with a specific charge algorithm for the battery or chemistry of batteries in your application. […]

Electric Golf Cart Motors The How and Why We Like Them

Personally I gauge all my vehicles by how cool they look and how fast they go… I could careless about air conditioning or cruise control, but that is just me. Which brings me full circle to the specific topic of today. Golf carts… Why are they so popular today? Then the how and why we […]

How To Determine The Difference Between Series or Regen Electric Golf Cart Motors

This Blog article is for all those people out there that are just not happy with the overall performance of their golf cart and want to upgrade the electric motor. Or the complete system motor, controller, cables and contactors. So the first thing you will need to know is what year, make and model golf […]