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How To Reset The OBC On My Club Car Golf Cart

How To Reset The OBC On My Club Car Golf Cart

All Club Car golf carts newer than 1995 have an OBC or ” On Board Computer ” in the charge circuit to monitor and control several functions on the golf cart. The tutorial below explains a little about the OBC, how to reset it after charging problems, and what to do if its completely failed.

The OBC functions like the on off switch on your wall to control the lighting. But in this case it controls the charging and drive system.

Club Car charging problems?

If the OBC detects a problem in either the charging or drive system, it will shut that feature off.

What should happen next!

When the fault clears, the OBC is supposed to turn that system back on.

What if the fault is not cleared?

Sometimes, the OBC does not clear the fault. When this happens, it can cause your charge circuit to not work and allow the charger to charge the batteries, or even the controller to not power up or the solenoid will not engage.

Club Car On Board Computer

How to reset your Club Car’s OBC after a fault

The reset process is easy to do, but can take a fair amount of time.

Resetting the OBC

To reset the OBC the following must be done in this order:

  • Key Switch to Off
  • Forward/Reverse to Neutral
  • Tow/Run Switch to Tow
  • Disconnect the Battery NEGATIVE (–) wire from the Battery Minus terminal on the battery pack.
  • Put the Tow/Run to Run
  • Forward/Reverse Switch to Reverse
  • Key Switch to On
  • Lock the throttle pedal down

To reconnect the OBC back into the system:

  • Key Switch to Off
  • Forward/Reverse Switch to Neutral
  • Tow/Run switch to Tow
  • Reconnect the negative battery wire to the battery minus terminal on the battery pack.

What next?

Once the OBC has been reset, you can move on to troubleshooting the golf cart and charging system.

Has it completely failed?

There is always a chance the OBC has completely failed and the reset process will not fix the problem. Consult your Club Car manuals or call your local dealer.

Purchase a replacement OBC or new charger

Want to purchase a replacement OBC but do not want to pay dealer prices? Shop now

Or would you rather bypass the OBC and get another charger? Find a new Club Car golf cart battery charger  and get the OBC bypass kit now.

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4 thoughts on “How To Reset The OBC On My Club Car Golf Cart

  1. After I disconnected the battery negative hw can the reverse buzzer sound since the circuit is broken?

    1. We’re not sure exactly what you mean by this. Would you mind elaborating?

  2. my cart runs great and it charges, The problem the charger goes down to 6 amps and stays forhours.
    all the batteries are new and a new computer was installed same problem. Reprogramed the computer no effect.
    What could be the problem,
    By the way tried another charger same brand and same problem.
    Im told if i kept the charger on it could ruin my new batteries

    1. Jerome – Thanks for your question. Now at a glance it sounds like all is operating as designed. How long does it take to fully charge the batteries in a golf cart is a loaded question in itself. All depends on output of the golf cart battery charger in question, and the depth of discharge of the batteries. ( Or CSoC = Current State of Charge) Also take into consideration that new batteries are very energy hungry in the beginning ( Will soak up electricity like a sponge) as the lead is still not cured and the plates need to be energized…. To cure the lead in those batteries it will most likely take 15 to 25 charge cycles. Charge, use (discharge, Charge)… Nor could 6 amps ever ruin your new batteries… granted you keep the water or ( Electrolyte levels above the lead plates to keep them saturated ) Which should always be checked say at least monthly and do so after the batteries are completely charged to avoid over filling …. As the electrolyte levels will rise and fall based on the CSoC of the battery in question. ( Example – Running a trickle charger at 5 amps on a battery bank for a long time while on vacation will eventually dry the batteries out if not maintained and that will ruin the batteries not the volts or amps being applied) It is the nature of the battery chemistry, when your golf cart battery charger is charging or when you are using the golf cart driving and applying a load – Off gassing is taking place during the chemical reaction. Surely more so during charging times vs use but still happening. This is where a battery watering system comes in handy to make the job of general watering and maintenance of the golf cart battery bank easier and precise. Learn more here… Anyhow, It sounds like the charger has just completed the bulk phase of the charge cycle and is now tapering off the charge cycle to the finishing phase which yes can be hours…. ( So how many hours are we talk about this charger has run? ) I would recommend using the cart today as you would. Then after use put back on charger and just let it run its course… I would also recommend checking the water level before you put on charge to make sure the water level is say 1/4″ above the plates. and let it go…. It will most likely run for 8-10 hours if the batteries are discharged a bit…. maybe a bit longer…
      Basic math will help you determine the charge time expected.
      6 volt golf cart batteries are on average – 220 Ah rated , 8 volt golf cart batteries are 165-170 Ah rated, and 12 volt golf cart batteries are 140-155Ah rated ( All based on the 20hr rate) …. so regardless how many batteries you wire together in a series… whatever the operation voltage of the battery bank it will be the Ah rating of the individual battery…

      Example – A 36v golf cart with 6x 6 volt batteries rated at 225 Ah = a 36v battery bank with a capacity of 225 Ah @ 36 volts…. So to complete this train of thought if you drained the battery bank 50% and planned to recharge you will need to replace 50% of the 225 amps which would be 112.5 amps… Using a charger that puts out say 20 amps max…. it would take only 5.5 hours to recharge at max output… but the charge rate in not constant or operating at max load for the complete charge cycle…. not since the Lestronic chargers of the 60’s when they just had a timer you set and you turned on the charger to run for a desired amount of time …. All new style chargers are smarter…. even the Club Car Powerdrive with the OBC regulating the charger knows to back off the output as the charge cycle is getting closer to completion… the main difference with the OBC Lester made for Club Car and say a new Lester Summit Series II Golf Cart Battery Charger is the OBC was always looking for voltage numbers… once a desired voltage was reached it would back off the charger output or shut it off completely… The new Lester Chargers are much more advanced and have everything internal in the charger to give your batteries a perfect charge every time… granted the user sets the correct charge profile or (Algorithm) to do so… they also regulate themselves to maintain a healthy homeostasis in the battery bank they are attached to like turning themselves on every so many days or if the voltage in the bank ever drops below like 2.08 volts per cell….

      Hopefully this information was helpful…

      Power On…

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