LSI Golf Cart Accessories

Great Quality LSI Golf Cart Accessories, Golf Cart Wheels and Tires, and Route 66 Rear Flip Seats by Litchfield Specialty

Headquartered in Litchfield, Illinois, Litchfield Specialty Inc (LSI) is a leader in the golf cart aftermarket industry. LSI golf cart accessories have been a pioneer in the golf cart accessory industry and have developed many different designs over the years that are still popular today. Golf cart wheels and tires are at the forefront of what they do and we are proud to offer their LSI line of wheels and tires here at Pete’s! Sizes ranging from 8 inches all the way to 15 inches, LSI manufacturers almost anything you could ask for in a LSV, EV, or golf cart wheel and tire option.

Not Just Wheels and Tires

In addition to golf cart tires and wheels, LSI produces the well-known Route 66 Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat which is very popular among golf cart builders. Another well known Route 66 product is their lineup of acrylic golf cart windshields, available in tinted or clear finishes.

Fun Fact: Have you heard of the best selling golf cart wheel design of all time? You probably have! It is commonly referred as the “Vampire” design, but also has been called the “Gotham”, “Warlock”, and other names. This Vampire golf cart wheel design originated deep with the halls of LSI many years ago. Since it’s introduction this wheel design took the industry by storm and has never looked back!

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Pete's Range of LSI Golf Cart Accessories

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