The MadJax Story

As the golf cart industry has evolved and people started using golf carts more recreationally, there was demand to enhance the overall ride experience. MadJax was born from that transformation, founded to truly change the game by creating innovative and design-forward aftermarket products to upgrade and enhance the golf cart.

The MadJax name has become synonymous with breaking the status quo, exceeding customer expectations, and being a true market disruptor. True to their heritage, they took that same spirit and built it into the MadJax XSeries – creating a golf cart built from over 55+ years of technical knowledge and the brand that disrupted the golf cart game.

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About MadJax

Since its inception in 2009, the MadJax name has been synonymous with innovation, quality, and value. As demand for this exciting new product line increased, the Georgia-based workforce grew from two to over forty employees in just six years. Launched with the goal of becoming the first retail-centric brand in the golf car industry, MadJax has gone from strength to strength.

High Quality & Value In Perfect Alignment

Quality and value also play an important part in the MadJax philosophy. Each new product they develop undergoes heavy scrutiny at every step of the way before it ever hits production. If they don’t firmly believe that an item will bring fresh value to a customer’s experience, they won’t make it – plain and simple. Every MadJax item must also meet stringent product quality standards, guaranteeing consistently high-quality accessories across the full product range.

Rock-Solid Reputation

Madjax proudly stands behind every product they sell, with the majority of the lineup sporting a full year’s warranty from the date of purchase. It doesn’t stop there, however. MadJax provides an extensive support network, including warranty & repair parts, user-friendly instruction manuals & parts diagrams, professionally produced installation videos, and more.

Superb Attention To Detail

Take a close look at any MadJax accessory, and you’ll see the hallmarks of product engineers who go the extra mile. The industry-first Quick Attach system features multiple interchangeable accessories which share a common mounting system – making it easier than ever for owners to enjoy a true multi-purpose vehicle. The mindfulness doesn’t stop there, though. Engineers go to great lengths to ensure that colored accents from different MadJax product lines and materials will match, giving great results when carrying a color theme throughout their golf car.

Advanced Dealer Support Network

In addition to incredible products, MadJax has created a full range of dealer support materials. Outfit your showroom with eye-catching point-of-purchase displays, MadJax apparel, signage, full color catalogs, and more. They are proud to assist with the design, layout, and installation of your showroom, even extending to on-site setup assistance for larger showrooms.

After being acquired by Nivel in October 2015, many of the original staff remain with the company to this day. Leveraging Nivel’s established nationwide distribution network means we are now able to get MadJax products to your door faster than ever before.