ICON Lithium Batteries

When looking for replacement ICON Lithium Batteries, Pete has you covered. You may be replacing old lead acid batteries or possibly even replacing a factory lithium battery. Whatever the reason, our lithium battery options and installation kits will make the conversion quick and easy.

Additionally, the benefits of installing ICON Lithium Batteries in your LSV will let you stay on the course or the road longer and reduce down time when charging. You can forget about the mess and weight of lead acid batteries as well. Lithium kits are much lighter than original lead acid batteries, up to 70% lighter in some configurations.

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Pete's Range of ICON Lithium Batteries

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Additional Information

ICON was founded in 2017 and quickly became one of the fastest growing EV and LSV manufacturers in the country. Offering a wide selection of options and configurations, ICON has something for everyone. If you own an ICON, however, you may be running on old battery technology: wet cell or lead acid batteries. Now is the time to upgrade to ICON Lithium Batteries from Eco Battery!