High Performance Gears

Looking to go faster or just want to haul the family around Fort Wilderness? Or do you want your new hunting buggy to climb a tree? Whatever your needs may be Pete has the High performance gear set for your golf cart. All of Pete’s Golf Cart High Performance Gears are Made in the good ‘ole US of A…..

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Pete's Range of High Performance Gears

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Additional Information

If you are looking for High Speed gears for your golf cart you have come to the right place! Pete offers all sorts of high quality COGs for your cart. Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha golf carts. All made in the good ole US of A! When installing a set of high speed gears in your golf cart you can expect to increase top speed by as much as 50-75% over stock when combined with larger tires.

It is recommended if you are not a seasoned mechanic to retain a competent mechanic to do the job. Special tools like a bearing press will be required.