36/48 Volt 3 Amp Diode for use with Solenoid

$ 29.17

This 36/48 Volt Golf Cart High Amperage Diode is designed to maintain the capacitors within your controller at battery pack voltage so that when the solenoid contacts touch, no arcing occurs. If you are installing a high performance motor you will need a high amp solenoid to get the power to that motor. The solenoid will require a pre-charge resistor and diode.



36/48 Volt Golf Cart High Diode – 3 Amp for use with Solenoid EZGO Marathon Electric 89-94, Club Car Electric 90+

This listing is for one 36/48 Volt Golf Cart High Amperage (3 Amp) Diode.

Every solenoid needs a resistor and diode to function properly. This diode works with resistors CON-034 and CON-035

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