Golf Cart Speed Controllers

If you are looking for a new golf cart speed controller for your golf cart Pete has you covered. Pete only offers the best golf cart controllers. Brands like Alltrax and Navitas aftermarket high amperage upgrades (Made in the USA) or OEM New and Re-manufactured replacements from names like Curtis. Upgrading your golf cart speed controller will allow you to squeeze some extra speed or more torque out of your current set up or provide power to that new high performance golf cart motor.

Please if you want to make your golf cart go fast or need more torque and do not know what you will need feel free to give us a call. Pete’s team is standing by waiting to help you.

Pete also offers re-manufactured golf cart controllers from FSIP. They are an authorized Curtis service provider and have years of experience in the the industry. So whether you want a new high speed or high torque upgrade for your golf cart you will need a heavy duty golf cart controller to get all power to that new motor it will demand.

Pete's Range of Golf Cart Speed Controllers