Golf Cart Motors

If you are looking for a new gas or electric golf cart motor Pete has you covered.

Pete only offers the best golf cart motors and controllers. All of Pete’s High Speed Golf cart Motors are manufactured right here in the good ole US of A. Club Car, Columbia, Ford Think, Ezgo, Gem, Hunt Ve, Yamaha golf carts and more.

Don’t forget if you are trying to squeeze some extra speed or more torque out of your golf cart you cant stop with just the golf cart motor.

You will need to get all the power that new hot motor will require to get her moving, so you will need to all upgrade the conductors (Wires connecting the circuit) and at the very least the solenoid in the same circuit.

Pete recommends for best results and performance to upgrade the motor controller as well.

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Pete's Range of Golf Cart Motors

Showing 1–16 of 26 results

Additional Information

Please if you want to make your golf cart go fast or need more torque and do not know what you will need feel free to give us a call. Pete’s team is standing by waiting to help you. Before purchasing a new golf cart motor you will need to know the year, make and model of your golf cart. The operating voltage and the type of motor in your cart. Do you know? If not checkout a few how to articles from Pete to help determine.

These articles will also help you determine the type of Forward / Reverse Switch you might need, or the proper motor controller to provide the power your golf cart motor needs to get moving.

Pete also offers late model used golf cart motors ( Stock OEM ) that are take offs when customers ordered custom carts and wanted the high speed set up – upgraded motor controller option.