36/48 Volt Golf Cart Diode (1 Amp) for use with 200 Amp Solenoid

$ 29.17

This 36/48 Volt, 1 Amp Golf Cart  Pre-Charge Diode is designed to maintain the capacitors within your controller at battery pack voltage so that when the solenoid contacts touch, no arcing occurs. If you are installing a high performance motor you will need a high amp solenoid to get the power to that motor. With that solenoid you will need a pre-charge resistor and Diode.


36/48 Volt  1 Amp Golf Cart Pre-Charge Diode  for use with 200 Amp Solenoid

This listing is for one 36/48 Volt Golf Cart High Amperage (1 amp) Diode.

Every solenoid needs a resistor and diode to function properly. This Diode works with resistors CON-032 and CON-033

Applications: ALL 36/48 Volt Golf Carts. Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
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